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Material Soft Glass

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  1. review by Alex on 2016-09-07

    A little bigger than the last time i ordered them but they work great! Good option over the metal screens and i like these a little more than the 3 spoke glass screens

  2. review by Nicolas on 2016-09-02

    Nice little screens that last a really long time(as long as you dont lose them)

  3. review by Levi on 2016-02-22

    I am so half and half on these. Durability I'm sure they will last forever, I like that. Another one on the plus side is it being glass of course. The main thing I don't about these is the restriction of air flow. I cannot stand having less flow with a dirty metal screen and it felt a lot like this.

  4. review by Steven on 2015-10-28

    Realy cheap, go for the other one at 6.49... Pay a little more for much better quality glass filter!

  5. review by Heather on 2015-10-01

    Awesome, i got 3 more all my pieces and gave the other two away

  6. review by Derek on 2015-09-09

    Cost a little more than metal screens, but why would you want to put a metal screen in a nice glass piece?

  7. review by Paul on 2015-07-07

    they work great, seem a bit pricey but if you don't lose them, they will last forever. worth buying way better than metal screens

  8. review by chris on 2015-01-17

    Excellent addition to any piece. Although mine are not nearly as colorful as pictured. For the price you shoud definitely receive more.

  9. review by Justin on 2014-12-17

    This is the best screen to buy. I never buy metal screens anymore and use these in everything. Just be careful not to lose them. Its nice to have a couple extras kickin around

  10. review by Dalton on 2014-07-17

    They are very small and vary in design. None of these were the same shape or size, which is good for different size pieces. I feel as if they may be a little overpriced, but they do their job well, so I'm happy.

  11. review by Trevor on 2014-05-25

    keeps your bong cleaner, don't have to worry smoking thru metal screens work good!

  12. review by Teddy on 2014-05-05

    Great little screens, they save you a lot of herb. I don't smoke without them

  13. review by Sarah on 2014-04-25

    Really cool but very very small...Not sure I would buy them again seem a bit more of a pain

  14. review by Kyle on 2014-04-19

    Definitely much better than buying the metal screens, but when they come in there very inconsistent in shape and size. I would suggest ordering more than one package. But as with the three leaf screens, they are way better than using the metal ones and definitely worth it instead. However in my opinion I prefer the three leaf glass screens instead of these flowers Shaped ones

  15. review by Dante on 2014-04-08

    Finally got my order today bought these wit my first bong purchase there small so u might lose one or two

  16. review by Michael on 2014-04-06

    This screens where very good but they are very easy to lose.

  17. review by Virginia on 2014-03-21

    Good effective screens but they do get lost easy so be careful

  18. review by John on 2014-03-15

    Been using these as long as I can remember, much healthier and cleaner tasting than a metal screen and way cheaper than the head shops.

  19. review by Rich on 2014-02-14

    So much better than brass screens! Bought them awhile ago and eventually lost them so I'm buying more!

  20. review by Ben on 2014-02-07

    To small for glass moulder, weird shape only one small hole that gets clogged frequently.

  21. review by Jeffery on 2014-01-19

    The Best Screens Ever... Get these with your Order

  22. review by Marilyn on 2013-12-26

    LOVE THESE! They work great and last forever! Got some in July 2013 and I am still using the same one! Easy to lose tho.

  23. review by Loretta on 2013-11-20

    Didn't even know glass screens existed until I got on this site lol but there great because you can wash and reuse them unlike metal screens, good product.

  24. review by Joe on 2013-11-10

    awsome screens with a fower shape and come in a variety of pretty colours

  25. review by Philip on 2013-11-08

    Works Great, and even fits the free spoon pipe that comes with it. Got to me in 5 days.(MO, US)

  26. review by Adrian on 2013-11-06

    Ive always looked at them, but at 3 bucks a pop... I think not. 5 for 5 couldn't beat it, and glad I did, and YOU will be too !!!

  27. review by Colton on 2013-10-10

    These are very good at keeping your herb from slipping into your bong or pipe. It helps a lot with keeping them clean. They are a little difficult to keep track of but are worth the buy.

  28. review by Benoit on 2013-10-07

    Better then metal screens. A must have for any bong/pipe smokers!

  29. review by Sam on 2013-09-21

    I have ordered these in the past and just ordered me some more yesterday. Can't wait to get more. These screens are very nice to have. Only downside to them are they are very small and can be misplaced fairly easy.

  30. review by Curtis on 2013-09-17

    i will never buy anything other than glass screen ever again!

  31. review by Manuel on 2013-09-13

    Don't complete ur order without adding a few of these bad boys along for the ride. Def Worth It ^_^

  32. review by Keith on 2013-08-31

    Coolest little product Ive seen in awhile. I will never use normal screens again, just glass ones!

  33. review by connor on 2013-08-17

    these are great, always use a glass screen in my bong, much better.

  34. review by William on 2013-07-31

    Mine came in slightly different sizes, I couldn't be happier! Great colors and way better than burning through screens.

  35. review by Nathan on 2013-07-16

    good screens... some dumb-ass don't even use glass screens?...oh we'll

  36. review by Eric on 2013-07-10

    They work as intended and are the best screens I have ever used. I was tired of burning holes through metal screens so I bought 2 packs of these. They are small and hard to find if you drop them but I haven't lost any yet, I use a small mini fuse container to store them in which seems to work for me.

  37. review by James on 2013-05-14

    Look great freaking amazing shipping time to! really glad I got turned onto these, find it best to keep em in the little baggy until needed if your bad at loosing things like I am =)

  38. review by Chris on 2013-05-14

    These little things are great to have around, and bongoutlet has them for a steal

  39. review by Russell on 2013-05-13

    TINY no kidding! these are great just dont lose them XD

  40. review by Drew on 2013-05-13

    Great screens!!! Beats burning holes through all these metal screens!! Reusable is a plus!! Great quality glass!! Easy to clean!! Great site decent price illness back

  41. review by bob on 2013-05-10

    The screens are a must have for any smoker saves bud and time what else can ya ask for :)

  42. review by Chris on 2013-04-20

    I was just using brass screens and all that because they're cheap but these, wow! The only downside is how small they are. Easy to clean, better taste, absolutely worth it.

  43. review by Aaron on 2013-03-18

    good lil screens keeps every thing cleaner makes cleaning up easier and faster i will be back for more

  44. review by Shane on 2013-03-09

    Awesome things a must have for any glass piece! Fit great and easy to handle. Also surprisingly durable for how small they are. They are easy to lose however so heads up.

  45. review by Mitchell on 2013-01-24

    very essential for a bong works great. would reccommed to keep it clean

  46. review by Austin on 2013-01-16

    i didnt realize they were going to be that small haha. they work really good and they keep your bong cleaner.

  47. review by Evan on 2012-12-10

    Great value and keeps your pieces much cleaner, a must. Thanks!

  48. review by Sam on 2012-11-27

    Decent quality glass, they won't survive any fall, but a foot to the tabletop seems to be no problem, and this is the best price I've ever seen for these style of screens.

  49. review by juniour on 2012-11-10

    just gotta be caarefull with them they work well but they are easy to lose

  50. review by antony on 2012-10-27

    I bought this a while ago and they worked really great . the only problem is that i lost all of them... they're really easy to lose.

  51. review by Searle on 2012-07-07

    If you have tastebuds left, you will appreciate ditching the metal screen in favour of these. No off-gassing since there is no cheap metal to deteriorate.

    They might require more cleaning/maintenance than a metal screen, and might let a little ash by when removing, but these are the tradeoffs for a more pleasurable smoking experience.

    I can see the more expensive glass screens (double sided) being slightly easier to remove from the bowl, but I just opted for the 1 sided.

  52. review by Clayton on 2012-06-23

    Absolutely essential purchase at the best price you'll find anywhere. Get it here folks.

  53. review by Kyle on 2012-06-03

    Perfect for the bowl I bought. And at the right price

  54. review by Mike on 2012-05-19

    Awesome little screens!! just make sure your friends know they are in the bowl. Someone already lost one of mine and i just got them yesterday. Buy em.

  55. review by Youan on 2012-04-18

    These look real nice! hopefully they work just as good as they look =p

  56. review by Donn on 2012-04-17

    Truly an amazing product, with amazing shipping, from an amazing company, 20 stars.

  57. review by Susan on 2012-04-15

    Everyone needs these in their lives! Hard to keep track of then though.

  58. review by RJ on 2012-04-07

    Got this item recently. Sometimes hard to find littlle pieces. Work great.

  59. review by Fabian on 2012-03-26

    Great price, dont know why my local headshop does not sell these instead of metal screens. Overall great, only you have to be careful of not losing them. My friends always uses a metal screen and when he uses my piece, he always somehow loses it in the sofa or carpet..

  60. review by Kim on 2012-03-25

    These are nice glass screens and just the right size. Be careful though....they are real easy to lose if you drop's like the floor just swallows them up. LOL!

  61. review by Benjamin on 2012-03-11

    Work great, no more smoking metal. Also like the stems on them, the ones I use to get didn't have them.

  62. review by Richard on 2012-03-10

    These work great! No need to keep buying metal screens and tasting crap or deal with bud falling through the bowl. They are fragile though, 2 days after using I tried cleaning it and dropped one. It fell to the floor and one nub broke off. Cheap enough when I break or lose all 5 I'll buy some more!

  63. review by tyler on 2012-03-09

    Great screens lol what can I say. But also fragile.

  64. review by nick on 2012-02-19

    wvery happy with these bomg water is still clear after two days

  65. review by peter on 2012-02-19

    Paid for five ,got six.How good is that?Hope nobody loses their job over this.This and five day shipping to Nova Scotia will keep me coming back.

  66. review by Sabrina on 2012-02-13

    I love them, They are so cute. I try to be very careful with them since they're tiny. They do there job like they should and keep the ashes out my pipe is still nice and clean!

  67. review by Michael on 2012-02-06

    Great little glass screens, they keep the bong real clean.

  68. review by steven on 2012-01-27

    got one of these at a local shop they cost 3 bux a piece! very nice screens keep the ask out of my water-pipe perfectly.

  69. review by Christian on 2012-01-23

    nice little screens that work perfectly and i would highly recommend them

  70. review by Cody on 2012-01-12

    Very happy with my purchase of these glass screens, thank you.

  71. review by David on 2011-12-28

    These look amazing!I feel bad for smoking on them thats how good they look, and they do their job well!

  72. review by Mikhil on 2011-12-22

    these are the most beautiful glass screens i have ever bought. gets the job done and adds elegance to your bowl. however i wish the glass was a bit thicker.

  73. review by Eric on 2011-11-24

    i got to say they do work great for preventing slight blockages but i just went throug 5 in a day cause of when i empty the bowl it falls out and breaks, at nearly a dollar a piece i find they're not worth it i'll just continue without and clean the bong a bit more often

  74. review by mike on 2011-11-23

    great pieces and fast shipping as always cant wait to get more stuff from these guys

  75. review by Michelle on 2011-11-09

    These are great! My bongs don't get as dirty now, keeps the ash out. love it!

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