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Material Soft Glass

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  1. Poor fit and low quality. I made them work. review by Joshua on 2018-06-08

    I was expecting slightly better craftsmanship than what I received. It's been less than a week and one broke on me. They're awkward and frail. These are not very precise either. Some of them were bent oddly, and different sizes. They do not stay very well in the bowl. Putting them back in can be a bit of a chore. I mean...they do the job if you want them to. I just don't remember having these issues with glass screens before.

  2. review by Jeremy on 2016-03-09

    Great, easy to clean. Works well. would recomend. WAY better than metal screens.

  3. review by Alex on 2016-01-30

    If you reading this review then just add this item to your cart. These screens are a must have! They are nice and durable glass screens that are easy to clean and really prevent the waste of herb.

  4. review by Janis on 2015-03-19

    Though I accidentally received the single sided ones, the awesome customer service made it right within minutes! Though I think the single sided are a little harder to use than probably the double sided would be, is MUCH better than metal screens. WAY smoother hit. You'd be surprised how much grossness is left on the metal screens unless you change it every hit. I will re-order the double sided soon, but for now -- it's all good! Thanks for the awesome customer service -- keep up the great work!!

  5. review by Jack on 2014-11-16

    Absolutely love these so far. They work great and are much easier than metal screens. They're especially awesome because you don't get the metallic aftertaste as with metal screens. They're super cute and convenient and seem pretty sturdy for their size. Highly recommended for bowls and pipes.

  6. review by Alexis on 2014-08-26

    I prefer using these screens to brass screens. They're so cute and I like that they're cleanable and reusable

  7. review by Mathieu on 2014-05-11

    Very nice, and easy to clean if you let them sit in iso for a bit first. Perfect for pipes or small pieces to avoid ash and crumbs in your mouth.

  8. review by Ryan on 2014-04-15

    Easy to lose, but get the job done. Love the different colors.

  9. review by Angel on 2014-04-15

    i should probably stop losing/breaking these lol but oh well

  10. review by Benny on 2014-04-04

    best screens ever. theyll last a lifetime as long as you dont lose em!

  11. review by Thierry on 2014-03-07

    I thought the screens were bigger but they're really small like earrings. They do the job pretty well.

  12. review by Scott on 2014-02-18

    They work well...Buy a lot cause you will lose them.

  13. review by Chris on 2014-01-03

    I love these things and I prefer them over the singls side ones, they make emptying simple ash catchers after smoking a breeze

  14. review by David on 2013-12-27

    Soo glad I got these! Hate the taste of the metal screens so I got these. Much much better

  15. review by Shaun on 2013-12-27

    decent screens, but my order was severely messed up. I received one sided small screens, instead of the double sided large ones.

  16. review by Chris on 2013-12-10

    so much cleaner than metal screens. I have a huge bowl with a wider neck so it's saving me a lot of hassle after grinding.

  17. review by Benoit on 2013-12-01

    Great screens! They will last forever (if you don't lose them lol)
    I will never use regular metal screen again!

  18. review by Kyle on 2013-11-25

    Great screens , double sided makes it alot easier to take it out.

  19. review by Loretta on 2013-11-20

    Sweet screens. Just got these a couple of days ago definitely enhances your smoke experience and doesn't make it taste dirty like metal ones. Also reusable, easy to clean, and user friendly. Will keep repurchasing, very impressed with my order on bong outlet! Why not throw these in your order for just a few bucks, totally worth a try.

  20. review by Victor on 2013-11-04

    is the best,makes your smoke taste so much better, why not add some hemp wick to enhance the delicious flavor of your smoke

  21. review by Hilary on 2013-10-30

    This is my 4th order from bongoutlet and I seriously love these things. I always buy a pack or two with every order. Double sided is much easier to handle =)

  22. review by Clint on 2013-10-29

    A must for your water bong, I got this for the little 6" glass bong and they work great!

  23. review by Omar on 2013-10-16

    These screens are great,a dn keep everything a bit cleaner. Definitely get them!

  24. review by Bryan on 2013-09-17

    can not wait to get these screens. tired of having my product fall through the hole.

  25. review by Jordan on 2013-09-15

    These Double sided Glass screens are the best very easy to place in the bowl and easy to clean. The main reason i got these glass screens is i really don't like it when you suck the bud through the hole of the bowl through the down stem into the water getting your pipe or bong and water all nasty an dirty and you waste your smoke to by not letting it burn all the way to ash with out the screen. Well these glass screen let you do smoke the way you want to smoke these help keep the bud in the bowl for a clean smoke. I am very glad i picked these up as well. 5 Stars ***** and 2 thumbs up. Thank you Bongoutlet! :)

  26. review by James on 2013-09-06

    Love these little guys, Lost all from my last order so I figured I would try the double sided out. They are a little easier to place, take out, and clean. Plus the order arrived within two days! that's practically unheard of in my online shopping experiences. Thumbs way up =)

  27. review by Josh on 2013-05-31

    Awesome they fit perfect and are so much better than metal screens.

  28. review by Nicholas on 2013-05-20

    Best thing ever ! Your hit is allot cleaner and taste better. I not smoking out of a metal screen ever again .

  29. review by Bobby on 2013-03-18

    Much cleaner taste to the smoke now, reusable and easy to clean too! Only thing is that they are easy to lose if you aren't careful

  30. review by Zachary on 2013-03-04

    these things are pretty goof except for my other piece the whole is huge an these jus fall through lol I think I gotta use the screens maybe but over all in the other bowls hits great

  31. review by Evan on 2013-02-04

    Things work great, double sides make it easier to handle. Thanks!

  32. review by Brae on 2013-01-30

    Soooo much better than brass screens. What else is there to say...

  33. review by Jon on 2013-01-06

    Works great really worth the money spent got here really quick

  34. review by Ryin on 2013-01-03

    way better than brass screens if your into flavor, highly recommended for daily smoking

  35. review by Ryan on 2012-11-30

    Great screens, but you lose them very quickly. i highly recommend these to anyone who has a glass bowl.

  36. review by David on 2012-11-27

    Do their job. I did not receive them with the rest of my order, however, a quick email later and I had a set in a few days.

  37. review by Christopher on 2012-10-26

    Great screens! There's a nice variety and they feel quite solid. The double sides make it easy to handle.

  38. review by Demetrio on 2012-10-22

    Just got these they look pretty cool with different sizes which helps when you have alot of bongs. Just very curious on what grade/quality kind of glass is used to make these.

  39. review by Trevor on 2012-10-09

    Better then regular screens because you can clean them and reuse them, and its not as dirty and looks kinda trippy

  40. review by Devan on 2012-09-24

    I love glass screens but from local head shops its 5 bucks for one so this is a great deal plus unlike metal screen no nasty taste or fumes comes with different sizes works great with my pipes and ashcatches

  41. review by Russell on 2012-09-24

    The screens I ordered came in different sizes, but they still got the job done. Definitely better than metal screens.

  42. review by brandon on 2012-09-13


  43. review by Nathan on 2012-06-11

    These little guys have an extra stem for making it easier to put in. Mine were all different in size and clear color...they work nice.

  44. review by Harry on 2012-06-02

    Hi, This is my second order with I ordered glass screens scale and grinder. Everything works great. Shipping was even faster, 3 days. Thanks again for such Great Service.

  45. review by Steven on 2012-05-22

    Just got these and they work like a champ. After using one with a bowl, it was a mess. These are just big enough not to get lost in the ash. They work well, and you can let four of them soak as you use one. then just alternate them. Glass screens.... what more could you want?

  46. review by Vincent on 2012-05-13

    These things work amazing, i got 3 clears, and 2 blues. they really do a justice job of keeping ash out. well worth the money.

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