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  • Single Chamber Bubbler - CR / BL Single Chamber Bubbler - CR / BL

Single Chamber Bubbler - CR / BL


95 11 100 0


- SIZE : 3"(W) X 6"(H)

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  1. review by Chris on 2013-12-07

    In one word....... amazing
    I would recommend this to anybody who is thinking about buying it.

  2. review by Christopher on 2013-11-26

    looked great and hit wonderful just sucks that it broke when my friend drop it last month.

  3. review by Trevor on 2013-07-22

    Don't be deceived by this lil' guy, he rips hard! Order came in about five days with perfect packaging. Great piece for the price would recommend to anyone. Plus it has a pretty nice bowl size on it!

  4. review by Berenis on 2013-05-20

    i ordered, got all exited. then the bubbler never came... i ordered a bong last time that i bought from this site and it showed. amazing deal. i came back to buy again and got amazingly disappointed and they wouldn"t even let me report it or i couldn't figure it out

  5. review by Vinny on 2013-05-07

    Great bubbler overall, rips like a champ. Its a tad smaller than 6 inches and I strongly advise using a screen because the hole is big. Shipped to Florida in a week. Highly recommend it

  6. review by Sam on 2013-01-23

    Thick and nice to look at, the price is what it should be, and I got a free pipe. What's not to love?

  7. review by Jamie on 2013-01-19

    I was really excited to receive this piece. The bowl is really large, larger than most bowls i've encountered. The glass is really thick, however on my first day of using it, i knocked it from the upright positon it is now to flat on it side and it broke at the joint between the mouthpiece and the bowl. I was rather disappointed. So although most of the glass is thick glass, there is a thinner part that breaks easily. Also the whole is a little big, i was pulling a bit of fresh bud through so consider getting screens with this piece.

  8. review by Wesley on 2012-10-24

    Very small and portable, hit's amazing and love the colour!!

  9. review by Hugo on 2012-09-13

    This does work! Rips and stays lite its my new favorite piece looks even better in person the picture doesn't do it justice

  10. review by Wyatt on 2012-08-18

    Really nice bub for 25 bucks. Large bowl, and the way it bubbles is phenomenal. Really nice piece

  11. review by Danny on 2012-07-30

    Just got it nice big bowl thick glass and big chamber its dope

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