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  • Single Chamber Bubbler - IMB 70 Single Chamber Bubbler - IMB 70

Single Chamber Bubbler - IMB 70


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- HEIGHT : 4.5" Color and Pattern may differet !!

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  1. review by Kashmir on 2016-01-11

    This bubbler works perfect for on the go, no complaints here.

  2. review by Ciara on 2015-11-04

    Cute pipe! Great item for the price. Super small, but packs a punch. Would be great for travel. I was hoping for one like in the picture, but mine is red, white and blue. Not my favorite colors but I like it all the same.

  3. review by Casidy on 2015-09-29

    Really little, the size of my palm. Cute though, easy to conceal. Got it for my boyfriend and we use it all the time, hits nice. Overall great for the price.

  4. review by Erick on 2015-08-10

    Buetiful piece hoping to get it by next week will love to have it in my collection,hoping it comes in rasta colors or a other nice unique color

  5. review by Frankie on 2015-05-26

    Awesome piece great colors on it too. Hits really nicely as well. Love it.

  6. review by Nathan on 2015-01-16

    I had previously had a great experience with this website, and they have fantastic customer service. However, the bubbler I received had NO CARB HOLE. This is very disappointing for me, as it limits the functionality. The picture has a carb, and I expected one. I have never seen a bubbler without one. Unfortunately the missing carb severely reduces the quality of the hit. Besides that, the glass is good, thick quality. Idk if I received a piece that somehow missed that step in its making, but i'm pretty sure I'm supposed to have a carb.

  7. review by Doug on 2015-01-01

    I bought this for a friend and they say that it "Hits smooth and is very stealthy".

  8. review by austin on 2014-12-19

    love it, love this website, love weed, merry christmas

  9. review by Jake on 2014-10-01

    I love this bubbler. Wish it came in the colors pictured though. Besides that, its cute and hit very well.

  10. review by Kaitlynn on 2014-04-01

    I thought 4.5 inches was a little small but the bowl is big and that's all that matters. my piece looks nothing like the one in the picture, but it hits great. so all is forgiven, glad I went with a bubbler!

  11. review by Brendan on 2014-02-12

    This bubbler is good small so that u can conceal it & hide the fact that you're smokih

  12. review by Michael on 2014-02-01

    Cool little piece especially if you are trying to stay low profile.

  13. review by miguel on 2014-01-04

    I was very satisfied when I got this piece it's a good size to carry and for the price can't beat it

  14. review by Brenda on 2013-12-21

    Bought it for a friend buy ended up giving her another one cause it looked nothing like pic.

  15. review by Eli on 2013-12-13

    It came in a couple days ago and it's defiantly worth the money. It's got pretty colors different from the picture. It is a little difficult to get water in it with out getting water in your bowl so I'd fill it with water before you load a bowl.

  16. review by Jonathan on 2013-12-09

    This was my first bubbler and it came in the mail today, about a week from when I ordered it. I was worried that 4.5" would be a little small, but it turned out to be incredible. The glass itself is really high quality, although I wouldn't want to throw it or anything. The color scheme isn't rasta like the picture, but I think it looks better than the rasta one tbh. This was my second piece, and I'm really glad that it was awesome as I had hoped!

  17. review by clay on 2013-12-03

    This bubbler is great, it hits really smooth but its annoying to change the water. definitely worth the price. great product

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