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ashcatcher ash catcher

Everything You Need To Know About Ash Catchers

Bongs are made of glass to cool and filter smoke before inhaling it. They’re used for cannabis, tobacco, CBD products, etc. As a smoker, you may have noticed how dirty your piece gets after a few days of active use. In addition to that, your bong may also start giving off an unpleasant smell. Moreover, a dirty bong can lead to drag and clogging of the percolators.

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smoking eating marijuana cannabis

Smoking Marijuana Vs Eating It: What’s The Difference?

Since the legalization of Marijuana, one of the questions being asked by people in Canada and the U.S. alike is what the difference is between smoking and eating cannabis.

This was even elaborated on in an article published by The Atlantic but we’re going to simplify and cut things down a little more for our readers!

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