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  • 4.5 in. Changing color Glass SPOON Hand Pipe - 2776 4.5 in. Changing color Glass SPOON Hand Pipe - 2776
  • 4.5 in. Changing color Glass SPOON Hand Pipe - 2776 4.5 in. Changing color Glass SPOON Hand Pipe - 2776
  • 4.5 in. Changing color Glass SPOON Hand Pipe - 2776 4.5 in. Changing color Glass SPOON Hand Pipe - 2776

4.5 in. Changing color Glass SPOON Hand Pipe - 2776


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- Size : 4.5"
- Changing Color
- Color & Pattern may different!

Additional Information

Brands No
Length 4.5 in. (11.5 cm)
Shelves G2
Section B

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  1. My first hand pipe review by Alexander on 2016-11-23

    My first hand pipe. Works like a charm plus changes color. An brought a small pipe along easy to hide easy to clean love to

  2. Its a good little pipe review by Brittany on 2016-09-24

    Its a good little pipe but the color change doesn't show as much as I thought it would but overall love how it hits.

  3. review by Regine on 2016-08-02

    The piece you receive will not have the same colouration, but it will otherwise be identical. It arrived in very discreet packaging and wrapped securely in bubble wrap along with some free goodies (some screens and a cute 3" pipe). Need to be careful about the section of glass that twists as the chamber does split in two - it's a cool effect tho. It does feel quite sturdy for a piece its size. Excited to see how this little guy hits.

  4. review by Martina on 2016-05-24

    Super fast delivery. Ordered it only a few days ago and came today. It's beautiful and hits really nicely. A cute little pipe that was definitely worth the $8 I paid.

  5. review by Connor on 2015-12-26

    the pipe is a nice design and it hits alright but the glass feels like very low quality

  6. review by Patrick on 2015-12-26

    Ordered on 12/ 5/ 15 arrived 12/15/15 with other products ordered . Everything arrived
    in perfect shape . This pipe out standing , very good quality and changes colors when
    you use it , hits pretty smooth . My wife loves it , I think she stashed for her own use.
    No comparison for twice the price at local head shops .

    Thanks , Bongoutlet you did it again

  7. review by starla on 2015-07-13

    This is a great pipe and is always one of my go-to's! My only warning is that the glass is a bit on the thinner side which makes it noticeably more fragile then the other pipes I have ordered off this site. Overall this is a good product for a great price!

  8. review by Patrick on 2015-07-01

    I ordered this and not only did it ship fast the price was great. Item was exactly as described, however, it's kind of hard to clean.

  9. review by Kimberly on 2015-06-16

    Just got in mail today, fast shipping. Was actually larger than anticipated. Over all I love it!

  10. review by Earl on 2015-05-01

    I like the two chambers I use this one everyday and it hits pretty smooth!

  11. review by Skylar on 2015-03-03

    amazing bowl! great design, i wasnt expecting it to change colors. worth the money.

  12. review by Christian on 2015-01-29

    awesome bowl, amazing design & price is incredible! love this thing

  13. review by alayna on 2014-12-29

    This bowl is AMAZING! It is also my first personal bowl, and I love it! Great price too!

  14. review by kevin on 2014-12-18

    honestly disappointing, it seems as though these pipes can be hit or miss as prior to purchase a friend of mine had received the same pipe for free along with is order from bongoutlet. it was absolutely pristine, we couldn't believe it was free.

    but the pipe i had received was pretty shit quality from the glass to the actual bowl.
    although i don't really want to make a fuss over a 8 dollar stocking stuffier

  15. review by Jérôme on 2014-11-26

    Shipping is so damn fast ! The pipe is awsome doesn't even need a filter

  16. review by benny on 2014-10-29

    great piece defenitely worth the money and fast shipping

  17. review by Alexander on 2014-10-17

    For only 8 dollars this is a great pipe. The design of the pipe is pretty cool and it'll definitely draw the attention of others at a smoke session. The hits are really smooth and you can take some pretty big hits from this and be fine. The glass seems to be a little bit thin but then again it was an 8 dollar pipe, and considering the price this is a fantastic pipe that hits great and looks awesome.

  18. review by Bastien on 2014-10-15

    I do not like this pipe it tasted a little bit like plastic when you smoke

  19. review by Joseph on 2014-10-07

    I really enjoy this kool ass pipe definitely recommending the website to some friends

  20. review by Arielle on 2014-08-19

    I ordered this piece on a Thursday. It came in on the following Tuesday, today.
    It's a really nice piece for the price, i thought the color would be a little better. But other than that, its worth the money. It hits rather well.

  21. review by Brittany on 2014-08-01

    this pipe is just amazing! a gorgeous piece and it hits super smooth! i will definitely be buying more from here! great shipping as well

  22. review by Max on 2014-07-30

    I LOVE THIS GLASS HANDPIPE!!!! It hits great and i love the design!!!

  23. review by Richard on 2014-07-04

    vary happy, ordered a day ago and just got in my mailbox today vary nice looking and hits great vary happy with this item will be getting more stuff off here for sure

  24. review by Josh on 2014-06-25

    it was great and looked good and worked great i love it but shipping was a little much

  25. review by David on 2014-06-10

    Am I the only one who received this piece in cheap quality glass? It feels like plastic
    Horrible horrible horrible

  26. review by Aaron on 2014-06-05

    The bowl was delivered precisely on time and it was treated with care. I also enjoyed that it came with a free mini bowl and free screens. The bowl hits really nicely and it feels comfortable to hold. It's a little lighter (color) than I expected but it's still nice!

  27. review by Sue on 2014-05-14

    Very nice glass for cheap i'm glad i found this website the shipping was before the estimated time which is nice.

  28. review by Nick on 2014-04-09

    I personally LOVE this pipe! It looks awesome full of smoke, and just feels RIGHT when you hold it. I also received another piece, as well as screens! Been using this pipe a lot! Named it "Kadabra", after the Psychic-Type Pokemon!

  29. review by Kevin on 2014-04-07

    Very light, i asked to have it in green and they gave me greenish yellow pretty cool cant wait to use.

  30. review by Michael on 2014-04-06

    I like this bowl the design is one of the coolest I have seen :).

  31. review by miguel on 2014-02-25

    This piece was better than expected it's a good size n it hits smooth and great price

  32. review by Jake on 2014-02-10

    nice glass feels thick, was worried it would be thin and break easily but doesnt feel that way. it is a lot lighter colour then in the picture, but that could be because its sitting on a black background. overall very happy with it. and shipping was great

  33. review by Tiffany on 2013-12-30

    Very Pretty &&' Very Nice! It Took About 10 Days To Get Here But Totally Worth The Wait :)

  34. review by Brenda on 2013-12-21

    Bought this for my sister sure shell love it if not I will! It's beautiful although does look fragile..

  35. review by Christopher on 2013-11-18

    Looks just as good in the picture. Bowl is nice size

  36. review by William on 2013-10-18

    The Good: This is a great pipe, lightweight and good sized bowl.
    The Bad: I dropped and broke it after using it only once :(

  37. review by Hayden on 2013-10-14

    Great pipe hauls sweet, pretty short but for $10 nothing wrong with that,I love how the glass intertwines itself looks really sweet, awesome pipe could buy it for a lot more at a local smokeshop

  38. review by Saori on 2013-10-07

    Great price for a great pipe; tokes nice and the design is just awesome (:

  39. review by Chad on 2013-09-26

    This item is very good i recommend. It the shipping did take a littile long but it was worth the wait

  40. review by Scott on 2013-09-19

    Really nice pipe. One of the best looking I've seen and you would never find it this cheap at any headshop.

  41. review by Eric on 2013-09-13

    Such a good price I bought 5 of these bad boys....

  42. review by Benoit on 2013-09-12

    Love this pipe, looks amazing, glass is not that thick but not thin either, just perfect.

  43. review by Matt on 2013-08-28

    This pipe is so dope. If you're a first time customer they'll give you great deals. I recommend coming to this site. The pipes are awesome, there all nice, I didn't know which one to choose. Bought 1 & decided to get another.

  44. review by Luis on 2013-04-16

    Got here fast and well managed I will be making more purchases @ :) 10/10

  45. review by Duane on 2013-04-05

    Just got this yesterday, it is such a nice pipe! My favorite for sure, great quality ! Thanks bongoutlet, i will be buying again soon

  46. review by Reed on 2013-04-02

    Great quality glass, the colour changes the more you smoke. It is an awesome colour when it is fully changed

  47. review by will on 2013-03-19

    just ordered this piece a couple of days ago, and it was only 10 bucks! a piece like this in a shop would go for 3 times that. good prices on this site, and very easy to maneuver around. it just shipped yesterday so it should be here soon. keep up the great work bongoutlet!

  48. review by Danny on 2013-03-01

    Great pipe, super cool twisty glass. However, the patterns and colours DEFINITELY vary. Mine was much plainer looking than displayed, as it only had a few blue stripes at the top and bottom. Still, great product design-wise, and great price.

  49. review by Robert on 2013-02-07

    Amazing look! Very custom! Good pipe to impress your friends with!

  50. review by Tyrell on 2013-02-04

    Very Impressed with my purchase, works well and fast shipping to

  51. review by Bobby on 2013-01-26

    Exactly what I was expecting, a little fragile but looks really cool and the twist in the middle is a nice touch. worth every penny!

  52. review by Brenda on 2013-01-16

    This is a dope lil pipe just love it haha so sweet def ordering from here again

  53. review by Nana on 2013-01-08

    giving this to a friend as a gift, but the twirl adds for extra percolation of the smoke. A must have, extremely portable!!

  54. review by Alexandra on 2013-01-03

    I love it ! My first pipe _3 I'd buy more.. and I even put the wrong address and I still got it.. I was so scared I wouldn't get it. Totally worth the lil wait..

  55. review by Rich on 2012-12-21

    Awesome pipe! Has a very nice, large bowl and this piece has a very creative design that makes you want to just stare at it. Will most likely break easily but for $9.99 you can't beat it.

  56. review by Emmanuel on 2012-11-26

    Just got my pipe n im very happy with it hits good n looks good!

  57. review by Emily on 2012-11-21

    I was so excited to see this, it looks almost exactly like my first pipe! Hits well, changes colours nicely, though it does seem a little thin.

  58. review by Tyler on 2012-11-07

    Glass is thick and the piece feels sturdy even in the middle where it twists. Looks beautiful and hits amazing. I was skeptical about the quality for the price, but I can't find a single negative to say about it. Worth every penny!

  59. review by Nick on 2012-11-05

    Love it, to say its beautiful is an understatement.

  60. review by Luke on 2012-10-11

    Love this pipe! Just got it today and it's awesome and cheap! Those two go together well!

  61. review by Maleia on 2012-10-10

    I love this pipe! Great air flow and a beautiful exterior. Defiantly worth buying.

  62. review by Jon on 2012-08-15

    Nice piece...looks great on the table and is not Gaudy...Big hitter and keeps the Renegades Down...

  63. review by Austin on 2012-08-07

    This is a very nice little peace. the swirl is amazing and it feels good and solid in your hands

    good for the car

  64. review by Justin on 2012-08-04

    Wicked pipe, easy to hold and fill. Cool color changes, never looks dirty either.

    Really concentrates the smoke perfectly, sweet lil pipe.

  65. review by manolito on 2012-02-12

    This was the best bowl I've ever had, definitely would recommend it

  66. review by melanie on 2012-02-08

    havent used this pipe yet but i cant wait ! looks awesome !!

  67. review by Cole on 2011-09-17

    This is an awesome pipe, really cheap and hauls amazing, very nice piece!!!

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