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3 Reasons You Need A Glass Bubbler

Put simply, a bubbler is a handheld bong. It takes the portability of a pipe, and the option of filling it up with water for a cool hit from a bong, and combines them together. The end result is a marvel that needs to be a part of your collection.

You cannot go wrong with a glass bubbler, and it is something that needs to be in every stoner’s arsenal. If you still need convincing, here’s a few reasons to get you on #TeamBubbler:

You Get a Smooth Hit

What do you do when you want a cold hit? Hand pipes and one-hitters can’t get you that experience. This scenario is where the bubbler comes in. The water in the bubbler is a dark horse here. The smoke gets cooled off by the water in the bubbler, so you don’t feel that hot gush of air around your throat. 


Do you want to double down? Get a bubbler with a down-stem. The smoke filtering gets better with this, but you can still go up a notch. Fill the bubbler up with ice, and you’ve got yourself a serious bang for the buck. 


The discreetness of a joint or a pipe makes it a favorite among the stoners, but unfortunately, it doesn’t give you the same hit that a bong rip can. On the other side, you can’t carry a bong with you around. What’s the middle ground? A bubbler.

The only con with a bubbler is that while it may be portable, you’ll need to carry some water on you to fill it up. So if you’re taking it around for a good time, keep a bottle of water with you and empty the water from the bubbler, filling it back up when you get to your destination.

You Have Several Options

Just like bongs, you’ve got various styles of bubblers. It’s all about preference, and the glassmakers going crazy on their gadgets to give you different designs that might suit your need:

Sherlock — an upright bubbler with a curved mouthpiece and a built-in bowl.

Sidecar — the mouthpiece is on the side of the chamber for less maneuvering.

Double Bubblers — these have larger chambers to hold in more water so that you can smoke more from these.

Hammer — resembling the traditional hand pipe, but typically equipping a down-stem and a carb,

Stand Up — for when you’ve got a suitable surface to let it sit on.

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