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break the high

3 things to avoid because they break the high

There are many things you can do when smoking up to make the experience better. However, there are also many things that can end up doing the opposite. You may smoke up, do these things, and end up losing the nice vibe you had going for you. Let’s look at the three things you should avoid.

1 – Stay away from citrus

We love citrus based fruits and their juices, but not when we are planning to smoke up. Citrus based products have long been used to detoxify the body, and they really work. They also work good at removing the herbs in your system, which will result in you feeling like you didn’t smoke enough. Another factor is the taste – the slightly sour taste which we love so much also ends up making us more alert, which again breaks the high. Try going for shakes instead. Mango shakes are great, because mangoes are known to increase the high instead of breaking it. Coconut milk is also said to be great at enhancing the high, so try drinking something with coconut milk instead of citrus.

2 – Eating too much

We all know about the munchies, but they can be bad for you too. When you have smoked up there is nothing better than going to town on a huge tray of food, but it will result in you being sober quickly. We would recommend arranging snacks that you can consume while smoking up instead. We love eating a good meal after smoking up, but we understand that the meal bookends the sessions. If you guys are done smoking up and are going to be heading home soon, eat up. If you want to stay high for a long time then stay away from the food, or just start another session after you’re done eating.

3 – Activities that are too thrilling

Nothing breaks the high more than something that thrills you too much. This can be anything – watching a scary movie with a lot of jump scares, going to a theme park – anything that elevates your heart rate is also probably going to break your high. If you have ever been in a situation where you got caught smoking or had something unexpected happen while smoking, you will know how you get out of the high in a second when you are shocked. It sobers you up instantly. So we would recommend listening to mellow music, and trying to watch movies that have a good, chill vibe. These things will end up enhancing how you feel instead of breaking it.

There are many other things that can make the smoking experience bad – from smoking in unfamiliar places where you get paranoid about being caught, or smoking with the wrong type of people – but these three things are innocuous mistakes that can result in you needing to smoke more. Remember, you need to ride the wave of high you are going through, not crash through it.

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