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historical figure smoking up

3 historical figures that loved smoking up

3 historical figures that loved smoking up

One of the best parts of smoking up is how it has always been a natural part of humanity. We have been smoking up for thousands of years – we have found thousand year old pipes. We’ve always wanted to smoke up from a pipe that was found in an archeological dig, but we guess that will never happen. There have been many famous people who smoked up. This may surprise you but that is just because we don’t realize how recent the demonization of smoking up is. It was only after the 1900s that people started thinking smoking up was bad. Let’s look at 4 figures from our history that were known to smoke up.

George Washington

Yes, we are talking about that George Washington. Washington wasn’t just the first president of the United States of America – he was also a big time hemp farmer. While hemp has been grown a lot to make cloth and use in other places, we are sure that George Washington had other plans too. There are excited diary entries he wrote about separating the female and male plants. George was known to be a smoker. Plus, in those days, marijuana was just an herb that was medically helpful for you. We can safely assume that George Washington dabbled.

Carl Sagan

I think deep down inside we always knew this. Carl Sagan is well known for the beautiful way he brought us science. His pale blue dot speech is famous, and Cosmos is an all time favorite thing to put on when you are smoking up. Carl Sagan was known to smoke up, and he even advocated for the legalization of marijuana. He wrote an essay anonymously in which he talked about how marijuana helped him gain insights about space. It was only after he died that he was revealed to be the author of the essay. The person most famous for making us dream of space got his ideas when he was high. This delights us to no end.

Queen Victoria

Take one look at Queen Victoria’s picture and you can see the seriousness and ‘no fun allowed’ attitude in her eyes. That is why it is so surprising that she was a user. She didn’t smoke it – she used to drink a cannabis based concoction, because her doctor said it would help with her menstrual cramps.

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