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4 Stoner Hacks You Need to Know ASAP

4 Stoner Hacks You Need to Know ASAP

Whether you’ve been rolling Js since high school, or you’re new to the sudden wave of cannabis consumers, you are probably aware of the vast knowledge of smoker hacks out there.

There are multiple ways to make your experience of getting high even better and more profound.

Anyone who gets high on the daily knows the struggles are real. No matter how many times you buy a lighter, you end up losing it. Your grinder can disappear, you might even break your pipe, and your mouth might get super dry but you’re too stoned to move and get something from the kitchen!

Here are some tried and tested hacks by yours truly that are sure to be a lifesaver next time you and your friends are having a session.

Include Lip Balm with your other smoking accessories

Smoking up can give you cotton mouth and it can make your mouth feel very dry very fast. This is why when you keep an extra lip balm with all your other smoking essentials, the minute you feel like your mouth is drying up, all you have to do is reach into your drawer and pull out your lip balm.

Have the right snacks ready 

Forget the munchies, when you smoke up, try sucking on candy, mints or lollipops. Also try out ice lollies, because they hydrate you and taste even more amazing. Sucking on a piece of candy while you prep and even during smoking up, helps you not get the munchies and also gives you nice smelling breath.

Smoke up before you eat

If you time smoking up before you eat, not only will you let you taste buds have a tantalizing experience exclusive to the joys of marijuana, but you’ll avoid over-eating. Munchies can misguide you into eating a lot more and feeling super bloated later and unable to move. When you smoke up on an empty stomach, make sure you have food on the way or a meal ready so you can dive right into it.

Make paranoia go away with your personalized chants

If you tend to get paranoid when you smoke up— happens to some people and not necessarily everyone— you probably know how annoying it can be. You can get very easily freaked out with just about anything. It helps to remind yourself that nothing has changed and you’re just high. Having the right playlist or even playing the right game can help your thoughts stay pre-occupied.

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