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4 Tips to Enhance Your High

4 Tips to Enhance Your High

The THC found in cannabis is responsible for its psychoactive effects, and it can deliver quite a high. For newbies, inhaling a THC-light strain of cannabis is more than enough to give them their desired result.

However, for the more seasoned pothead, eventually, their strain may let them down. Imagine you’re sitting completely ready for a session, but the high is much milder than you expected. It’s not necessarily an issue with your strain (though it could be). Fortunately, there are some things you can do to enhance your high. Here are some of them.

Pick the Right Strain

If you’re not getting your desired high, it may have to do with the chemical profile of your strain. Strains that are high in THC are the most conducive to getting high, but there can be issues with getting those strains. If you’re not buying weed from a legal dispensary, it may be difficult to assess which strain you have and its chemical profile. Try to find a strain with a more significant THC profile.

Store Your Weed Correctly

If you aren’t properly storing your weed, some cannabinoids (including THC) break down, and the terpenes also begin to die. Generally, exposure to UV rays, heat, and oxygen can lead THC to break down and convert into CBN (Cannabinol), which only has mild psychoactive properties. As a result, improperly stored weed will have a weaker high. Protect your weed from excess moisture, heat, and light, and from plastic.

Consumption Method

If you’ve primarily been using inhalants to consume weed, you can change the high with other methods. For instance, consuming edibles can lead to slower but significantly stronger highs. Besides that, ripping a bong can lead to stronger highs. Of course, you’ll need to adjust your sessions to accommodate the different needs of edibles and bongs, but they can give you stronger highs.

Take a Tolerance Break

If the above solutions aren’t working, it may be time to temporarily call it quits. Over time, the body adapts to exogenous chemicals, such as those provided by cannabis. The body alters its own chemical production to restore homeostasis (balance). As a result, you need higher doses to get the same high. Instead of doing this, which can be unhealthy, take a temporary break and let your body readjust its chemical production. After it’s done, you can get high again on the same dose.

When you come back to weed, try using bongs for a different experience and stronger high. If you want to buy cool, glass bongs online, or any smoking accessories, like rolling paper, check out our store at Bong Outlet.  

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