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4 Ways to Keep Your Weed Fresh

4 Ways to Keep Your Weed Fresh

Getting premium-quality weed can be a challenging task but maintaining its freshness is an even greater hurdle! Your marijuana experience depends on how well you store your stash. After buying a fresh batch of cannabis, most smokers don’t quite know how to preserve it well to ensure its longevity. So, what’s the best way to keep your weed heavenly-fresh? Our professionals at Bong Outlet have listed down some tips and tricks for you to follow. 

  • Air-Tight Sealed Jar

  • Unlike plastic, glass jars are not static and offer protection against oxidization, making it an economical and ideal option for storing weed. By creating an artificial airlocked environment, they prevent microbial growth that’s triggered by external factors. 

    Cannabis contains moisture of its own; exposure to air induces evaporation, which leads to dried buds. Before placing your weed in the jar, ensure that it is completely dry and free from moisture to avoid mold or mildew formation. Mason jars are the perfect pick as they’re easily and widely available at a budget-friendly price. 

    1. Find a Suitable Temperature


    Temperature can affect marijuana in terms of aroma, flavor, and color. High temperatures cause the cannabinoids to start boiling; this is when the leaves begin to curl and develop brownish spots. 

    Extreme cold temperatures can slow down the decarboxylation process and promote the growth of mildew. Your plant tends to become brittle and break down the active ingredients. 

    The ideal temperature for storing weed is between 32 and 68. However, different plants have different requirements. For e.g., Indica survives better in colder weather, whereas Sativa best suits warmer climates. 



    1. Choose a Dark Tinted Container

    Tinted containers block light. If you store your plant in a clear jar, light can seep right through it. This exposure to light can dry out the terpenes present in cannabis, which leads to aroma loss. 

    Cannabis is an organic substance, which is why environmental factors such as light can easily degrade your weed. Investing in a tinted or dark-colored jar avoids the risk of plant decay. 

    1. Let Your Weed Rest Alone

    It’s often (wrongly) suggested keeping other organic products like vegetables and fruits along with your weed, as it helps the bud regain moisture. This is a huge no! Simply because the addition of organic products will further prompt the growth of mold and mildew. Allowing your weed to rest alone is the best way to keep it fresh and potent.  


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    Until then, stay safe and happy rolling! 

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