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5 Factors That Affect How Long Your High Lasts

5 Factors That Affect How Long Your High Lasts

It’s not easy to predict how long your cannabis high will last. It’s a concern for many smokers as the duration of the high often comes down to personal preference. Whether you’re looking for a light buzz that lasts thirty minutes or want to get stoned out of your mind for eight hours, there are various factors that affect your high. Here are some of them:  

Consumption method

How you consume your weed can greatly impact your high. People looking to get an instant high prefer smoking or vaping as these delivery methods allow the smoke to enter the bloodstream through the lungs. This results in an almost instant high as opposed to edibles. Edibles are better-suited for individuals who prefer a gradual high as they take an hour or two to digest and enter the bloodstream. Edible highs last much longer than consumption methods like smoking and vaping.

Quality of strain

One factor that can significantly impact how long your high lasts is quality of the strain. Strong, long-lasting highs are provided by strains that have high THC concentration. Meanwhile, weaker strains that contain more CBD compared to THC will lead to a mellow high that lasts only for a couple of hours.


Smokers often find that they get higher in a particular setting, smoking the same amount as they would in a different setting. This is not a coincidence. Your environment plays a vital role in how long your high lasts. If you’re around new people who you aren’t comfortable with, the heightened sense of anxiety can cause your high to last longer. That’s not ideal as you may feel exaggerated side-effects, which is why it’s always advised to get high in a relaxed setting with people who you’re comfortable with.


Cannabis tolerance varies from person to person. Factors like body chemistry and frequency of consumption are key factors in determining how long your high lasts. People who are more accustomed to a cannabis high, build tolerance and have to consume more to achieve longer highs. Meanwhile, first-time smokers can achieve long, dramatic cannabis highs after just one joint!


Arguably the most important factor that affects how long your high lasts is the dosage. The logic is relatively simple. High dosages of cannabis will lead to more long-lasting highs. To achieve the perfect high, it’s essential to ingest just the right amount of cannabis. The dosage depends a lot on the quality of consumption. It’s important to remember that people who haven’t learned the art of smoking a joint or bong will experience highs that last shorter.

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