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A Stoner’s Travel Guide – Best Places in the World to Get High

A Stoner’s Travel Guide – Best Places in the World to Get High

Travel enthusiasts, all over the world, enjoy moving from city to city and travelling far and wide to explore different cultures. One of the things that most people look forward to on their travels is tasting different foods and drinks that each new location has to offer. And if you’re a foodie and a travel junkie, you know that smoking up makes food taste even better.

No better feeling than feeling like Harold and Kumar and getting the munchies in a foreign place and satisfying those cravings with local food. Pair that with a breathtaking view and the sheer novelty of being in a new place with your favorite bong.

Several countries have decriminalized marijuana and several more socially accept it as a norm, hence even if it’s illegal, they’re pretty chill about it. Do your research before heading out and make sure you speak to locals to know what you can get away with so you don’t end up in trouble.

If you’ve got the travel bug and you want to cross off smoking some of the best cannabis in the world, visit these places for the best high.

Costa Rica

There are no official legal ramifications of smoking up or possessing small amounts of weed in Costa Rica. Everyone does, people have accepted it, and so you don’t have to do it secretly in your hotel room. But also be mindful to be as discrete as you can. Costa Rica is the perfect place to enjoy nature and watch some of the most beautiful sunsets, alone and with the best marijuana. 



Weed became legal in Jamaica quite recently, much to our surprise, but residents have long been experts in getting lit here. That’s because it’s always been so easy and the go-to escape for stoners across the globe to bake there to their heart’s desire. Beautiful beaches and even better blunts with a coconut drink to keep you hydrated, makes for the perfect vacation.



For the ultimate and literal trail-blazing experience, visit Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Fair warning that weed is still illegal there, but it’s so easily available, and cheap. You can even find many items on menus across several restaurants which serves cannabis-infused dishes. You’re very likely to be surrounded by good company and great weed!



This has to be on your must-visit list if you are a true stoner. This ideal stoner getaway is the ideal destination to complete your pilgrimage of getting high. With plenty of coffee shops that aim to please with an expansive range of cannabis available, you will not be disappointed.



One of the first countries to legalize marijuana back in 2013, followed by the great state of Canada, Uruguay is where it’s at. No inhibitions, as long as you’re over 18, head over to any pharmacy, buy it, blaze it and enjoy your travels.

When you’re travelling, don’t forget that you are a guest in a foreign land, and you should respect each countries values and laws. Be respectful of the boundaries and stay open-minded. To get the best high, you need the best equipment and paraphernalia to make it happen.

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