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Accessories to Improve your Bong.

Accessories to Improve your Bong.

Bongs are known for offering exceptionally smooth and powerful hits through their round chamber. But every smoking enthusiast knows about the importance of getting bong accessories alongside to enhance their overall experience. 

By adding accessories, your smoking experience can reach a new level. These accessories make the cleaning of your bong more convenient, or give you the most potent hit possible. Below are some bong accessories that are bound to take your smoking game to the next level.

Bong Accessories

Ash catchers

When ash gets mixed in your bong, it impacts the quality of the smoke. Therefore, it’s crucial to get an ash catcher to collect all the unwanted ash from getting inside your bong. Once, the unwanted ash is removed you will receive a satisfying, smoother hit.

You can easily purchase ash catchers for bong from us Bong Outlet USA in Toronto Ontario. We have a diverse variety of ash catchers at affordable rates. 

Diffused Down Stems

A down stem is used to connect the bowl to the chamber. It’s meant to improve the filtration process by providing extra filtration and enhanced diffusion just when the smoke enters the bong. 

Even though it comes attached with a bong already, people add customized ones to their bongs for enhanced efficacy. 

Go for a diffused down stem that fit the size and type of your bong. It should be able to fit the glass bowl of the current attachment.


Similar to an ash catcher, a percolator can easily be attached to a bong to improve the filtration process. Once attached, it cools down the smoke by letting the smoke pass through several holes in various patterns. The market offers percolators in a wide variety:

  • Honeycomb percolators
  • Matrix percolators
  • Inline percolators
  • Turbine percolators
  • Tree percolators

The type of percolator you want for your bong solely depends on your need and preference. 

Quartz Banger

Also known as a dab nail, a quartz banger sticks out of your device and is made of quartz. Since it’s made of quartz, it won’t get red hot. The purpose of a quartz banger is that it allows users to take an extremely strong hit by adding the cannabis concentrates and heating them. Now, some bongs already come with a glass bowl and a quartz banger, but they can always be additionally purchased from any online bong shop.

If you are on a hunt for some exceptional bong accessories that are premium quality and affordable, then Bong Outlet USA is the store for you. We pride ourselves on selling bongs, vaporizers, rolling pipes, hand pipes, and other smoking accessories at affordable rates. Check out the website to find out more.

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