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perfect smoke vibe

Achieving that perfect smoke up vibe

Any experienced smoker will tell you that not all smoking experiences are equal. Sometimes you just get a little buzz going while other times you feel like you are going to have an epiphany. The strange thing is that it is often independent of the quality of your herb/oil or your bong. You can use the same bong and the same stuff two days in a row and have a very different smoking experience going. Well, here are some ways to get a better vibe each time you smoke up.

Finish any pending tasks

Having work to do that you are stressed about is something that can easily harsh your buzz. As long as you are thinking of what you need to do next you aren’t really going to have a good time. If there is anything that you need to do, do it before you pick up the bong. Trust us, it will result in a much better smoking experience. See, when your brain knows that it has something to do, it keeps you on track and you only get a buzz. When your brain knows that there are no tasks in the future and it can let go, it wanders free and you end up thinking about crazy things.

Lay low on the munchies

We know, we know, this almost sounds like blasphemy but hear us out. Having a bowl before you eat is great. Everyone knows that bong is the best thing to add to a culinary experience, it really brings out the flavor. However, you have to note what your objective is. If you really want to enjoy your food, smoke up and eat. If you want to get your brain going and want a heavy yet serene smoking experience then skip the food unless you are hungry and haven’t eaten anything for a long while. Eating keeps you active and reduces the effects of smoking up.

Location matters

Every experienced smoker will be able to tell you this. Your location and your environment play a big role in how you feel. There’s a rut which most smokers get into; you just stay at home smoking up. It makes sense, home is the safest place to smoke a bowl, the problem is that if you keep smoking at home for months it really starts to get depressing. Try to change the scenery as often as you can. Try going to a park to smoke or to any beautiful place filled with nature. You can even just smoke up in a field and look at the stars. It really helps.

Even if you are just staying at home, there are a lot of ways to make the surroundings looks better. Try better lighting or cleaning up. You can even dim the lights and put on some mood music. If you are getting good vibes before you smoke up you will continue to get good vibes later on as well.

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