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good bong partner 101

Being A Good Bong Partner 101

There are many different types of people who like to smoke up and not all of them are bad. If you want to have the most smoking opportunities available to you we would recommend thinking about being the perfect bong partner. You would be surprised by how easy it is to get in the good books of people who like to smoke up. These tips will help you be more social and open more doors for you.

1) The Munchies

In the land of hungry stoners the person with the munchies is king. Seriously, food is the easiest way to anyone’s heart but with people who like to smoke up it is a completely different level. You will see them come to you, with their mouths dry and tummies gurgling, and any snack you can procure will make them love you. It may sound like we are exaggerating except that’s just how it feels at times. We have looked at the person who brought in snacks with a gaze more loving than what the loves of our lives get.

2) Listen

This is the biggest mistake people make. When you are introduced to a new group of people you want to appear interesting to them. For many people this means telling tales and talking a lot. Out of these people there are maybe 5% that actually have interesting stories and interesting stuff to say. The other 95% end up appearing annoying or too talkative. The best way to become a part of the group is to listen. People love telling stories and love other people who listen to their stories with full attention. You shouldn’t be completely silent. Once you observe the way people talk in the group you will realize the best way to communicate with everyone. We would recommend starting with small interjections. A few laughs, exclamations, or small jokes work well.

3) Bring The Noise

We shouldn’t even have to say this but you need to bring your own stuff to the gatherings. No one likes a freeloader. Also, make sure that you aren’t hanging out with freeloaders. If they are smoking your stuff all the time then you aren’t being a cool person, you are being duped. Let them know that you will bring your own bong and stuff whenever needed.

4) It Takes A Bit Of Work

You don’t get anything for free. Building friendships and being a useful person are things which require a bit of work. You will have to go on a trip or two you don’t want to. Maybe you will have to help a friend clean up their place after a bong session. The point is that useful people are very well liked. The use doesn’t have to be dramatic or anything. Help with cleaning the bong, help with grinding the stuff, or anything similar. Just put it out there that you’re willing to help out other people and you’ll be seen as a positive addition.

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