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Being Productive When You Like To Smoke Up

It’s no secret that we love smoking up. One of the most damaging stereotypes we have seen of people who smoke up is that they are people who aren’t productive. The image one gets in their mind when they think of a ‘stoner’ is someone who just sits around on their couch all day smoking up and watching weird shows on television. Well, we love sitting on the couch and watching weird television shows but that’s not all we do. However, at the same time we can’t really blame the people who believe in the stereotype.

A Lot More People Smoke Up Than You Can Ever Imagine

There’s a process everyone who starts smoking up goes through. When you start smoking up you’re a bit secretive about it. Slowly you start opening up to more people about your habits. The most surprising thing that you go through in this period is realizing how many other people around you smoke up as well. Pretty much every office, every class, every group, has a subgroup in it just for people who like smoking upsmoking up together. People only associate smoking up with stoners because those are the people they know are smoking up. The majority of people who smoke up tend to be responsible adults who get things done in their lives and love to unwind with a bong. Bongs are fantastic when you’re trying to release all the stress from a hard day’s work. 

Being A Productive Stoner

One issue is that it is very easy to become a lazy stoner who doesn’t accomplish anything. It is easy to fall into the trap of hitting the bong all the time and being too happy to do anything else. If you want to make sure that your life keeps going great we have some tips for you. These tips will ensure that you’re able to enjoy bongs while making sure all your personal and professional commitments are fulfilled.

1) Try Not To Smoke Before Going To Work

One of the worst habits to have is to smoke before going to work. However this one totally depends on the type of job you do. If you have to sit in the office and work on documents or with numbers, you need to make sure your brain is at full attention. Smoking up in any job where you are managing a lot of people or a lot of tasks is a bad idea and will seriously hurt your productivity. Smoking up when you have a simple job is fun and may even make the experience better.

2) Munchies Help

Make sure that the bong smoke isn’t the only thing in your body. Keep eating or drinking water as you smoke. It keeps you much more active.

3) Make It As Much Of A Social Activity As Possible

The first step to becoming a lazy stoner is to smoke alone all the time. We love smoking alone, some of the best bong experiences we have had have been alone, but don’t make it a regular thing. If you smoke alone every single day soon you’re just going to be alone all the time. Try to find a stoner group. It keeps you social and groups tend to be involved in a lot more activities so you won’t be sitting at home all day.

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