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Bong, Bubblers, Pipe or Paper: What Should I Go For?

Bong, Bubblers, Pipe or Paper: What Should I Go For?

As more and more people realize the amazing therapeutic benefits marijuana has to offer, one question looms large – what’s the best way to consume marijuana? Is it pipe, bubbler, paper or bong? In order to help you figure out which one suits you best, here’s a breakdown of all three.


When it comes to simplicity, there’s nothing that comes close to the classic pipe. If you’re looking for the quickest route from bag to buzz, pipes are your answer. All you need to do is put a little piece in and fire it up. Also, pipes are typically smaller in size, which means they provide great portability. Here are some other benefits you get with pipes:

  • Low initial cost
  • Are made of more durable materials
  • Easy to conceal

If you’re on a short leash budget-wise, pipes are generally a smaller investment. They’re also great for beginner and inexperienced smokers, who’re learning the ropes of marijuana smoking. If you break or damage a pipe, the replacement cost you’d pay will be significantly less than what you’d pay to replace a bong.



If you’ve decided to make Mary Jane your long-term companion, why not invest in something that offers a little bit more than the hot hits you get from a pipe. In many respects, bubblers offer the best of both worlds – you get the smoothness of a bong hit because of water filtration, and you get the great portability you get from a pipe.

Furthermore, with bubblers, you get a lot more options in terms of materials, styles and features. However, the initial cost with bubblers is typically higher compared to pipes.


Although bongs, or ‘water pipes’, as they’re called by some people, don’t offer the portability and simplicity of pipes, they offer so much more to make up for it. One of the best features they offer is water filtration, which cools the smoke and makes it smoother on longs. Some additional benefits of bongs include:

  • Filtered hits
  • Available in a wide variety of creative designs
  • With bongs, the smoking posture isn’t as cramped

However, bongs generally cost considerably more than your average bubbler or pipe.


Easily the cheapest way of smoking marijuana, paper is perhaps the simplest way as well. We mean, what could be simpler than paper? With paper, you don’t need any special stuff as you would with a bong, vaporizer or a pipe. All you need is some rolling paper, some weed and a filter. Many smokers consider joints to be the only way of smoking marijuana.

However, you don’t get any special features like water filtration with paper. Furthermore, you also consume a greater amount of weed when you smoke joints.


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