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Bong vs. Other Smoking Methods

Bong vs. Other Smoking Methods

While smoking is a popular method of consuming cannabis, inhalation of smoke continues to be a cause of concern for a number of health-conscious users. Despite the healing properties of cannabis, tar, carcinogens, high-heat and tobacco-based papers can still pose undesirable effects on the health of the users in the long run.

The following guide for smokers discusses the pros and cons of various smoking methods to help them determine which of these are most healthy and which are least healthy.


These filtration devices are used to smoke cannabis, tobacco, and other substances. The water inside them cools the smoke before it hits the lungs.


  • They offer more condensed smoke per square inch than all other smoking methods.
  • Waterfall or gravity style bongs offer the thickest hits ever.
  • Bongs are the most unique and creative smoking devices.
  • Users can use ice to instead of water for even smoother hits.


  • If not cleaned regularly, they can produce the smelliest water ever.
  • Due to water filtration, there are chances of losing a little THC.
  • Fragile bongs are unsafe to carry during travel.
  • If spilt, they can leave behind nasty stains and smell for the next few days.
  • For better hits, they require change of water frequently.


Vaporizers heat the herb at the perfect temperatures to extract the THC and release the combustible materials in the smoker’s bloodstream.


  • They ensure that all active ingredients reach the lungs, and no THC is lost.
  • They offer a different taste, long lasting and unique highs.
  • They ensure minimal respiratory issues and are lighter on the lungs. 


  • They are less compatible with other forms of marijuana, such as hash.
  • Psychoactive compounds are often left behind.
  • The procedure for vapor production is quite technical unless of course the smoker is an expert.


One of the most popular and convenient methods of smoking - pipes deliver hot, flavorful smoke within seconds.


  • They are easily concealable.
  • They do not lose THC and offer strong hits.
  • Glass pipes can change colors and look cool.


  • They can break easily, unless made of metal.
  • Their hits can be harsh at times.
  • It is possible that the smoker sucks in some ash into their mouth through the pipe, towards the end.


Pretty much like pipes, bubblers have water in their bottom chambers. These are small bongs, technically, but have carbs and work the same as pipes.


  • They offer the benefits of bongs and pipes both, together.


  • They are hard to clean.
  • They require water to be changed frequently to keep the smell away and taste better.
  • They may be portable but not always practical to carry.
  • Smokers may end up with nasty water in their mouths.

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