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bong water temperature

Bong Water Temperature: Does It Matter?

People tend to ritualize their smoking a little. What this leads to is a number of homegrown (no pun intended) theories on what the right way is to smoke, ingest or vaporize your herb. We’re already pretty clear on one debate. Marijuana can be beneficial!

Other Debates

Other marijuana debates include whether to roll it, vape it or put it in a bong. Others include eating as opposed to smoking and dabbing Vs using the actual herb.

We’re going to get into one particular debate today; the bong water temperature debate!

Bong Water Basics

For starters, let’s get into the importance or purpose of bong water. The water in the bong is meant to serve as a kind of filter. It tends to trap the less desirable components of the smoke, leaving you with mainly the good stuff as well as the flavor. The layer of separation is said to make bongs the healthier smoking option.

Temperature Control

For simplicity, we’re going to get into different temperatures of bong water and the effects these have before offering our final conclusion. Here they are.

Hot/Warm Water

Though not very common, a number of smokers use hot or warm water in their bongs. Hot water features and advantages include:

  • Lighter more vapor like smoke which is softer on the throat
  • Better filtration of carcinogenic material
  • Smoke is thinner and has a gentler effect on the lungs
  • Opening of pores due to warmth allows for a soft yet appealing high

Room Temperature Water

The only kicker with room temperature water is that it is convenient. Other than that, it does not have any glaring significance save from the regular filtration. Given that this is the most widely used, there isn’t much we can share here that you don’t already know.

Cold Water

Cold water bongs are probably the first fun thing you do once you get your head around your bong and marijuana use. It’s kind of like dressing on an already sweet salad! Cold or icy bong water features include:

  • Thick or condensed quality of produced smoke that results in a bit of a punch when inhaled.
  • Enhances the freshness of flavor in your herb
  • Can be hard on your throat but does get you a little more high

The Winner?

There really is no winner here. After much research not to mention discussion among seasoned smokers and farmers as well as doctors and scientist, the conclusion to date is simple. Besides the effects we mentioned, there is no clear better or worse option here! It is more a matter of preference than anything else.

What Does Matter

What does matter is maintenance. As we said, the water serves as a filter so keeping your bong water fresh and your bong clean is far more significant that the temperature you choose to smoke at!

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