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Bongs Vs. Joints: The ultimate showdown

Bongs Vs. Joints: The ultimate showdown

One of the best parts about consuming weed is the endless number of ways you can do it!

Joints, brownies, vapes, gummy bears—just the tip of the iceberg. 

But for seasoned smokers, joints and bongs remain the two most favored options. 

Both have unique characteristics. Before you pick one, you need to understand the main differences between the two: 

Bong 101 

A bong is a vertical smoking device featuring several components, such as a base, a tube, a bowl, a downstem, a carburetor and more. You will find bongs in an array of materials, sizes and shapes.

A bong is used with water. The water removes toxins from the smoke that passes through it and keeps it cool. This means you get an isolated THC hit.

That said, it’s extremely important to clean bongs and bong water on a regular basis to produce smoother hits. You need to clean all parts of a bong separately. Also, bongs are fragile and are not as easy to carry as joints. 

Joint 101

A joint is basically a cigarette with cannabis. In order to smoke a joint, you need a rolling paper. It is important to choose the right paper as many are made from cheap quality, toxic ingredients, such as bleach. Chemicals can cause a lot of harm to your health. 

One of the biggest pros of a joint is that it is easier to carry around than a bong. This is because joints are smaller than bongs. In addition, their upkeep is minimal since it is of no use once the weed is gone.  

However, rolling a joint isn’t easy, especially for beginners. You can perfect the rolling technique with practice. It’s more time-consuming than using a bong. If the paper burns quickly, your entire weed will go to waste. Many people add tobacco to their joints, which is more detrimental to their health than any other smoking option.

The bottom line 

Bongs and joints are both effective methods for smoking. To ensure you have the best possible smoking experience, purchase bongs and joint rolling papers from a reliable source. 

With over 20 years of experience, Bong Outlet has established a reputation as a trusted source of quality smoking products and accessories in the US. 

The online headshop offers an extensive range of smoking products and accessories at amazing prices. Their products include bongs, rolling papers, bubblers, glass hand pipes, wood hand pipes, metal hand pipes, vaporizers, grinders, dab rigs and more.
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