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THC Tolerance Down Low

Curbing Tolerance: How to Keep Your THC Tolerance on the Down Low

Cannabis use is fairly widespread in the US and with recreational cannabis sales alone crossing the $11.6 billion mark according to statistics, this comes as no surprise.

One of the reasons apart from the medical that cannabis use has picked up is, when it comes to recreational substances, cannabis is a much safer alternative to, say, Alcohol.


The only point of concern with cannabis as it may be with many other things is the fact that the human body eventually builds tolerance. In other words, the affect that the herb once had by way of potency begins to dim.

Curbing Tolerance: Keeping Things Interesting

If you’re someone who has been smoking cannabis for a while, you probably understand how tolerance works. Remember that first time you took a few hits of a joint or consumed your first marijuana edible? Remember the effect that followed?

You probably also know how over time, achieving the same affect might take more herb than it used to! So the question is; how does one curb tolerance when it comes to cannabis?


Keeping your body and cells hydrated is an imperative part of keeping your tolerance on the down low. Smoking cannabis does tend to dry you up a bit so you might need to consume a little more water than you normally would.

Water helps keep your body active and in a sense provides the cleansing you need to prevent your system from becoming accustomed to the THC and terpenes in the cannabis too quickly!


Consuming antioxidants also helps give your system the required cleansing. Some of the things you could add to your diet include dark vegetables, juices rich in the right nutrients and of course the stable go to; fresh fruit.  You could also try out green tea which is both a stimulant and an anti-oxidant.

In any case, consumption of antioxidants is yet another way to keep your tolerance from building too quickly.

Sweat It Out

By this we mean regular exercise. You don’t need to lift heavy weights to break a bit of a sweat. Do what comes naturally or organically to you. Something you enjoy and can commit to. It doesn’t matter if you go for a run, play squash, join a bicycle group, start yoga or walk your dog. What is important is to keep that body active and give that waste material a way out!

Switch It Up

The way you consume your cannabis or marijuana plays a part too. At times it helps to take a break on one way of consumption to substitute it with something else. If you’re smoking at the time, maybe switch to edibles for a little while.

If you’re already on edibles and smoking is physically possible for you, maybe invest in a bong or a one hitter and switch things up!

Don’t Make Wake and Bake a Habit

This is something of an old stoner’s tale but there is a degree of truth to it. Many seasoned smokers say that smoking first thing when you wake is the worst thing for tolerance. Wake and bake works fine on say a Sunday morning or when you’re on holiday.

Making it a daily part of your functional everyday routine however is said to double the pace at which you build tolerance. The recommendation here; don’t make cannabis the first thing you put in your system when you wake. Have a hearty breakfast, drink some coffee or a smoothie and hold up on the herb till a little later in the day!

Take a Break

The most effective yet sometimes hardest way to keep your tolerance low is to take a break from the herb. This, however, is difficult especially if you’re smoking for medical and not recreational reasons. If it is possible however, taking a break from smoking and marijuana in general even for say two weeks does wonders.

Though the recommended time it takes for you tolerance to go back to zero is anywhere between six weeks and three months, shorter breaks can be helpful too!

Winding Down

Following the tips above should help you keep that tolerance low and that high entertaining and effective! If you’re not planning on taking a break anytime soon, check out some of the glass bongs, bubblers, grinders and other paraphernalia we have for sale online!  

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