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Dabbing, Smoking and Vaping: Similarities, Differences and Personal Preference

Marijuana laws today permit medicinal use in over 20 states as well as recreational use in over 8 according to an article published in the Business Insider.

For many who are still unfamiliar with marijuana use but have been partaking for medical or recreational reasons, there are terms and concepts that remain unclear.

Over the course of this blog, we’re going to address some of these terms, talk about what they mean and clarify confusion with regard to the same. The reason for this is so that the next time you enter a store that sells marijuana and condiments related, you know exactly what works for you and what to go for.

Means of Ingesting

Apart from the traditional smoking the marijuana bud via a joint or bong, there are many other ways by which medical users and enthusiasts can take in cannabis today. Of course there are cannabis based edibles such as candy and chocolate for those who are averse to smoking. Alternatively, cannabis oils and special mixes are available that can be smoked in vape pens. Suffice to say, there are adequate ways for those who wish to take in cannabis to do so!

The Dabbing Debate

This one is not so much of a debate as it is a misconception. Dabbing is not vaping. At the same time, dabbing is not exclusively smoking either. Dabbing is simply taking in the vapors or smoke from a cannabis concentrate in the form of a dab of wax, more commonly referred to as a dab.

Why Dab?

Dabbing is growing in popularity for a number of reasons. For those who use vapes, dabbing is a nice way to get that potent cannabis hit that could have you couch confined for thirty minutes to an hour!

For those who smoke dry herb, dabbing is considered to be the healthier option. The reason for this is the lack of charred plant material present in the smoke produced.

Clarifying the Confusion

Concluding this section, dabbing is not about the instrument or apparatus you use to take in your smoke. It is about the source of that smoke.

In other words, it is only dabbing when you’re using a dab of wax concentrate. Smoking dry herb in a joint or bong is not dabbing. Smoking THC solutions and other non dab concentrates in a vape pen is also not dabbing.

That being said, if there is a dab of wax from cannabis concentrate in the picture, whether you use a vape pen, pipe or bong to take it in, you’re dabbing! Browse through our selection of dabbers.

Similarities, Differences and General Characteristics

Whether you’re smoking dry herb, using a vape pen or adding a wax dab to your repertoire, there are a few minor characteristics with regard to the effect that may vary. Of course the essential effect of all these depends on the strength of THC present as well as the strain of cannabis used. That being said, there are variations that we’re going to enlighten you on.

Smoking as a Lifestyle

Smoking cannabis, to many, is not just about getting high or healing rheumatic pains. It is a lifestyle if you will; the preparation going into it nothing short of ritual. Those smoking dry herb would for the most part do so using a bong, a bowl or in a joint or blunt.

The advantages of smoking dry herb would include the fact that you can pretty much pick and choose from a vast variety of natural occurring strains and hybrids. These strains and hybrids offer different benefits, effects and come in varying potencies.

The kicker however is that though science claims otherwise, real life users confidently state that the high achieved from smoking is longer in duration than that from vaping.

The argument against smoking dry herbs relates primarily to the main debate against smoking. This being that it is bad for the lungs due to residual charred plant material that enters the respiratory system. The fear being, long term chronic use could prove damaging.

Vaping being the New Thing

Though many older marijuana smokers remain loyal to their joints, blunts, bongs and pipes, there are some still who have traded in old apparatus for vape pens. Vape pens are meant to be advantageous by way of health. The reason for this is that vape pens use cannabis concentrates, oils and compounds. Further, aforementioned oils and compounds are evaporated within the pen at a much lower temperature than that of the cherry of a joint or bowl. This prevents harmful substances like tar from becoming part of the smoke.

At the same time, at least scientifically speaking, vaping ensures that all the essential oils and constituents from the concentrate needed for desired effect will be transferred. Vapes are also a lot easier to carry around and can be smoked while on the go without risking couch confinement so to speak.

The arguments against vaping include costs, a slight reduction in felt affect as well as the fact that cannabis or THC oils and concentrates can be relatively more costly.

Dabs all Round

Dabs can be smoked out of devices called dab rigs. That being said, dabs can also be added to the top of a weed bowl or to the heating chamber of a vape pen.

Regardless of how you dab, wax dabs are known to be extremely potent. So much so, that first time users are advised not to dab until they have basic handle of the effects of THC through other means of intake. This being said, dabbing is likely one of the most potent intake methods regardless of whether you’re vaping your dab or smoking it!

What Would Work for Me?

When figuring out what would work best for you, here are some things you could ask yourself:

  • Does the bowl prepping or joint rolling ritual mean anything for me?
  • Do I have any pressing respiratory health concerns?
  • Do I want to smoke to wind down or am I an all-day smoke on the go sort?
  • What potency of high am I looking for?
  • Do I need a lot of variety?
  • What is my smoking budget like?

Answering these questions should help you determine what means of smoking works best for you and if you really need to dab or not! Apparatus like water pipes can be multi functional allowing you do both dab and smoke dry herb!

If you’re looking to buy bongs, pipes or vaporizers online, check out our products or give us a shout for more info! Positive vibes to all of you!

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