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Dabbing without a Rig

Dabbing Without a Rig

Dab oil and cannabis concentrates are quite popular. But, if you're new to dabbing, can you experiment without a big or little dab rig? Perhaps your dab or oil rig is damaged, or you're saving up for one but need to dab right soon. In any case, you're in luck. There are a few methods for smoking your tasty cannabis extracts without a full setup.

It might be intimidating if you don't know what you're doing, but we're here to assist you dab without a rig. But first, let's be certain you understand what dabbing is.

*Note that everything we suggest here should only be done very carefully, as there are high temperatures involved, and at your own risk!


What is A Dab?

A dab, also known as shatter wax or crumble wax, is a highly concentrated form of cannabis. A dab might be in the form of a crumbly material, a slick wax, or a liquid oil. A dab hit will get you higher faster than a typical flower hit.


What’s The Purpose Of A Dab Rig?

Your dab rig is a more powerful version of a bong or water pipe. Water vapour is used in dab rigs to smoke strong concentrates. The dab tool has a nail, which is often an e-nail, quartz or titanium nail, and the remainder of the body is usually glass or silicone.

When you use a dab rig to smoke concentrates, you're simply utilizing a modified water pipe with a few extra bits to make it easier to use. Dab rigs are a sight to see with all-glass chambers and a crystalline banger with the carb cap. However, if you lack a dab rig, all is not lost.

You may perform the same thing with a plastic bottle or other odd items that you most likely have laying around your house.

So, what can you do in place of a legitimate dab rig?

  1. Aluminum foil
  2. Empty Plastic Bottle
  3. Bowl
  4. Butter Knife
  5. Car lighter/Heating Coil/any other heat source
  6. Rolling paper


Dabbing With A Rig

Let's start with dabbing using a rig before moving on to dabbing without one.

To dab with a rig, you'll need a butane flame, a rig with a banger, a dab nail for a bong, and any form of concentrates. To dab with a rig, place your wax on one end of your dab tool, heat the banger with your torch, then run the tool along the glass banger to vaporize the wax after it's red hot and somewhat cooled.

You don't have to worry about the tool, rig, or wax when you use a dab pen. Many come with a pre-filled cartridge of dispensary-quality dab oil.


How To Smoke Dabs Without A Rig

We can help you if you have concentrates but don't have a setup.

We can simply show you how to smoke dabs without a setup, whether shatter, budder, or wax.

Tips For Smoking Dabs Without a Rig

  1. Always freeze your wax for around 10 minutes before using it. This is especially critical if the concentrate has melted or is sticky. This will firm it, making it simpler to roll a joint or place on top of your hot knife.
  1. When rolling your wax, utilize proper equipment. They will keep your workspace and wax clean.
  1. Hot knives function best when you have someone to assist you. Do this in your kitchen or a fire-safe location where nothing will catch fire.
  1. Only use an electric vehicle lighter as a last resort since you'll have to heat the lighter twice and there's a high chance of catching fire in the car/car seats/you. You may also damage your vehicle lighter if you are unable to remove the sticky wax.

After we've covered the fundamentals, here are some of our favourite methods to dab without a dab rig.


Dabbing With A Butter Knife

It's hardly the most elegant way to smoke, but it gets the job done. It's a rather effective approach to get the advantages of wax without investing in a costly setup. This is the finest method for learning how to dab without a setup or torch.

You only need a heat source and a tiny torch. A cooktop may also suffice. You'll also need two hot knives and an empty plastic bottle with the bottom cut out. We don't need any sharp instruments in this, so use a butter knife.

Again, having two people makes this lot simpler. If you can't get the concentrate to stick to the knife, heat one while the concentrate is ready on the other.

With just one knife, you should be able to generate adequate heat. This is what you do:

  1. Preheat your knives in the oven or with a torch.
  2. Place your concentration on the knives and push them together with your ready-to-go plastic container.
  3. Suck up the vapour using the bottle as a funnel.

Because everyone has a pair of butter knives and a plastic bottle, this is the simplest option for practically everyone. It's also the closest you can go to a proper dab without a setup.


Dabbing With Rolling Paper

If you want to smoke wax without a rig, you may flavour your blunts or joints with wax. With the use of rolling sheets, smoking dabs offers an added boost of taste and potency to your joints. You may even add a little wax to a ready-made joint.

You have two options for adding wax to your joints. The first is known as twaxing, and it entails lining the rolling sheets with your wax.

Alternatively, similar to the bong bowl approach, you might add a little dab of highly concentrated cannabis at the tip of the joint. This procedure is particularly effective if your cannabis has a strong flavour.

A hand torch should be used as the heating element. Dab-filled joints must be handled with caution since they can become sticky and difficult to manage. This is a risk-free method of smoking wax without a setup.


Dabbing In a Regular Bong, Pipe, or Bubbler

Smoking dabs without a rig is straightforward if your smoking equipment includes a bowl. It's nearly foolproof with a spoon pipe, bubbler, or bong.

The first step will be to fill the bowl halfway with the dried herb. Because an open flame coming into touch with the dab is terrible news, this safeguards the wax. We want to smoke the dab rather than choke on it.

Then apply your wax to the top of your plant. Now that you've got a layer of green and a coating of wax, add some more cannabis on top. This is incredibly simple, and even if you only have cheap cannabis, the dab will bring it to life.



If you have concentrates but no dabbing rig, you're not completely out of luck.

These procedures are rather simple, and a few of them need ingredients that are often found at home. Others may require a visit to your local headshops or  websites. When you're ready, though, a dab rig is a worthwhile purchase. has every form of dab rig for sale, from basic, little dab rigs to lavish dab rigs, so click here to start buying now.

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