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Dabs Vs. Bongs- Which One To Get

Dabs Vs. Bongs- Which One To Get

Seasoned smokers will agree to the fact that the high they get depends on a range of different factors. Beginner level smokers will tell you that there is no real difference between smoking up using a dab or a bong and that it’s all the same. That’s how you identify a noob from an expert. In reality, it’s very easy to control your cannabis consumption. So let’s get into which tool is the best for you and how to get the best high!

What’s your mix?

One of the key distinctions between the two pieces is what exactly you plan to be smoking out of them. Dabs and oil rigs are meant to be used with concentrates like honey, wax or oil. Bongs are most commonly used with drier products including dry herbs, flowers or a mix with tobacco. However, the method of consumption in both involves water pipes and hence the filtration process which turns smoke into vapor.

What size preference do you have?

You may have heard that size doesn’t matter but when it comes to smoking up, it really does! Smoking concentrates like honey or oil require a smaller device with as few percolators as possible. This is because you want the vapors from these liquids to travel to your lungs as fast as possible without compromising on flavor or potency. However, when you burn flowers and other dry herbs in a bong, you would get a better hit if the smoke takes more time to reach your lungs. The process of going through multiple percolators will make it smoother and more pleasant.

Which is best for getting high?

While this is purely subjective in nature, and depends on the individual’s ability to ingest cannabis, bong hits are moderately less effective than dab hits. This is primarily because dabs are used to smoke concentrates which are already quite potent and bongs are used to smoke flowers of the plant which does not have the properties that can get you high. To give you a quantitative comparison, the potency of waxes and oils can be as high 80 to 85 percent whereas flowers and dry herbs are as high as only 15 percent.

Which is a smoother hit?

Some people think they cough less with dab rigs as compared to a bong. Fact of the matter is that you might cough while using both bongs and dab rigs but coughing when smoking from a bong tends to be throatier and more abrasive. If you enjoy more flavor and smoother hits then dab maybe the way to go for you.

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