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Desktop or Portable Vaporizer: Which One Is Right for You

Most seasoned marijuana smokers are already set in their ways. They know what they want, where to get it and how to hit it. On the flip side, a number of newcomers are still going through the stages of figuring out what method of intake works best for them.

Intake Methods

Marijuana use has a long and colorful history. People have used a number of methods to get THC in their systems over the years. When it comes to smoking the stuff, we’re talking joints, hukkas, chillums, bongs, glass hand pipes and bowls to name a few.


A method that has risen in popularity of late especially after the commercialization of cannabis oil is vaping. Vaping is done using an electric device called a vaporizer.

Though many enthusiasts would rather stick to their herb, paper and lighter, newer users are more inclined towards vaporizers.

The question remains; what kind of a vaporizer to go for?    

Two Types

The two types of vaporizers available are desktop vaporizers and hand held or portable vaporizers. As their names suggest, desktop vaporizers are larger and usually meant to be kept in one place. Hand held versions are more compact and are built to carry around.

The one you should go for however depends on your overall preferences.

Preferences and Features

We have listed a few basic feature comparisons here to help you make the best pick for yourself!

Where For?

The first thing to consider is where you want to use your vaporizer. If you’re the sort of person who does not smoke during the day but likes to come home to find your gear waiting, the desktop vape is for you!

If you’re more the sort of person who takes a few hits periodically throughout the day and like to have your material handy, totally go for the portable!

Smoke Content

Portable vapes cannot match up to the sheer volume of smoke produced by a desktop model. The likelihood is you would need less hits of a desktop vaporizer to get seriously mellow. That being said, a few extra hits of the portable should produce a similar effect!

If you like your smoke thick and weighty, go for the desktop vaporizer.

Are You Picky?

If you’re the sort of person who just wants your supply on you and are happy with the buzz produced, totally go for a portable vape.

If you fidget a lot and are particular about how you like to take your herb, a desktop vaporizer allows for more options. You can customize things like smoke volume and rate of burning. Portable versions usually come with less customizable options.

Loner Stoner?

If you’re the sort of person who tends to socialize around your stash, a desktop vaporizer will see you through many a stoner sit down and do so well!

If you’re more in it for personal pleasure or solo medication, a hand held version will likely do better!

Dosage and Intensity

Last but not least, portable vapors deliver a much more manageable does of THC for the newcomer. On a flip side, desktop versions can produce far more intense effects. Depending on what you want out of your high, either could work out better!


As you can well see, it really is a matter of choice and preference. If you feel you’ve made up your mind, check out our collection of top of the line desktop vaporizers as well as our range of quality paraphernalia!

Smoke smart and see you soon! 

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