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Different Types of Bongs You Need to Know About

Different Types of Bongs You Need to Know About

Bongs have made a huge impact across the global landscape today. These water filtration devices turn herbs into the best hit possible. The water system built into the pipe filters the herbs ensuring that the toxins are removed to give the smokers the best buzz.

Like most smoking related things, there are a number of different types of bongs in the market as well. These differ in material, such as ceramic, acrylic, glass, and wood

However, it isn’t the material that is the major cause of difference, but the additional features that determine the uniqueness of the bong. These additional features may include diffusers, ice notches, etc.

So, whether a person is buying a bong for the first time, or upgrading it, it is a big decision. They must find a bong with features that perfectly suit their smoking needs. 

Here is some information about the different types of bongs to give smokers a better idea of what type of bong is going to suit their needs.

Ceramic bongs

Made especially for art lovers, ceramic bongs are a bit heavy and robust compared to other types of bongs. Since they are fragile, they cannot be carried around during travel. They come in different designs, sizes, and colors, and smokers can give them a paint job themselves too.


  • They are durable and tight.
  • People can make them at home.
  • Best for art lovers.


  • The water level inside cannot be seen.
  • They are difficult to clean.

Glass bongs

Glass is the most common material bongs are made of because it is transparent and heat resistant.  Glass bongs come in different designs and sizes as well, but are also more expensive than bongs made of other materials.


  • They reduce unwanted flavors from the smoke.
  • They are flexible and come with different attachments.
  • They direct the smoke in several ways widening the smoker’s options.
  • Transparency means smoother hits since the smoker would know when it is time to change the water.


  • They can easily crack open depending upon the thickness of the glass.
  • They are more expensive.

Bamboo bongs

These wooden bongs have a natural appeal. Smokers can get beautiful designs carved out from them. They range from simple and basic types to those fancily decorated with metal and paint.


  • They are long lasting and durable.
  • They are inexpensive compared to other bong types. Not cheap though.
  • They can be made at home.


  • Some ash particles can get in the way leaving smokers with a bad taste in their mouth.
  • They are difficult to clean.
  • The direction of the flame is hard to control.

Acrylic bongs

Made of plastic, acrylic bongs are typically translucent. They can be molded into different designs, shapes, and sizes.


  • Smokers can carry them while travelling since they are not fragile, but durable.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • They are easy to clean.
  • They can be painted and used for decorative purpose.
  • Those that are not painted help the smokers identify when it is time to change water.


  • They may affect the taste of the smoke.
  • There are no ice catchers or chilling.

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