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Different Types of Rolling Papers Explained

Different Types of Rolling Papers Explained

Rolling paper has many advantages over a traditional cigarette or a vape. Rolling the joint, passing it along, and chilling out is a ritual in its own. You don’t need any additional accessories to go with it. And the portability it offers is an added bonus!

Let’s help you choose the right rolling paper:

White and brown rolling papers

You’d be surprised to know that the color of a rolling paper may impact its burning rate. White rolling papers are better at slowing down the burn. They contain additional chemical substances such as calcium carbonate and chlorine that stabilize the smoke and ash coming out from the paper. On the other hand, colored papers comprise many chemical substances that have no reason to be inhaled. This is why it’s better to buy from a renowned brand since they don’t really contain any unnecessary chemical treatments. This also reduces any possible harmful effects.

Wood pulp paper

This type has been a popular choice for over a hundred years now. The texture is great, they’re easy to handle, and you could opt for varying degrees of thicknesses. The white ones are bleached, whereas the brown ones are not. Wood pulp papers are also great for beginners since wood pulp has an easy to handle texture. This means that the paper can hold its shape and stay intact even if it’s humid or your hands are a bit shaky.

Rice paper

What sets rice paper apart is that it’s usually made up of all-natural ingredients. This means that the paper is made up of processed and pressed rice. This makes it thinner than regular rolling papers. Thin rolling papers might require a little extra effort when rolling, but they’re better for your lungs.  Since it’s thinner, it burns slowly. However, the thin texture also makes it vulnerable to breakage and poor grip. Don’t experiment smoking with rice paper if the weather outside is damp or it’s raining.

Choosing the right paper also requires a lot of experience. It would be best if you started out slow. It takes practice to learn how to inhale using a thin paper in a way that reduces lung damage and doesn’t affect the cannabis taste. At the end of the day, the decision depends on your smoking behavior.

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