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downstem stuck bong

Downstem stuck to bong, help!

Bongs are arguably one of the greatest innovations of mankind as they actually have the capacity of accentuating the beautiful high that marijuana provides. These bongs have been around for thousands of years now and are currently available in an array of different sizes and shapes. Each bong is unique in its own perspective but currently the most popular choice for stoners are Glass on Glass bongs.

These bongs have the same iconic shape with the underlining difference of a pull out slider, which is also known as a downstem. These bongs normally do not have any toke holes and they are considered to be the foremost choice for stoners who don’t want to spend an extravagant amount of money on bongs.

However, there is one slight drawback with these bongs, which is the fact that the downstem can get stuck to the bong. This normally happens due to wear and tear, but can also occur if you do not clean your bong regularly. The mere sight of the downstem getting stuck inside the bong will send shivers down any stoner’s spine as they cannot use their bong any more. Imagine having beautiful buds laying around but not being able to use your bong because the downstem decided to ruin your existence, rest assured we are here to help.

Given below are certain expert tips that we have articulated using years of experience and dedication.

Try using ice cold water   

This is one of the easiest ways of getting the downstem out of the bong. The cold water will come in contact with the components present in the glass and this will make it easier for you to pull the downstem out of the bong. Do not try pulling the downstem out using a wrench or a different tool as there is a chance you might break the bong. Try using your fingers but if that’s not possible, use tweezers as this will reduce the chances of you manhandling the bong.

Try using alcohol

If cold water does not do the trick, try removing the stuck downstem by rubbing alcohol. Simply pour the alcohol down the tube and use tweezers to pull out the downstem. If you cannot get a firm grip, consider using a tooth pick. Simply work around the downstem until you feel it has started to loosen up. You can also use WD40 instead of rubbing alcohol if you are having trouble finding it in the market.

Try using Goo Gone 

Finally you can also detach the downstem from the bong by using goo gone. There are two reasons why the downstem gets stuck in the tube; this is either because of the buildup of residue or because of bad luck. Using goo gone will clear any residue that has accumulated in the tube and will make it easier to pull the downstem out of the tube.

Do not empty the entire bottle of goo gone in your bong, simply add a little so that you can use a toothpick or something else to detach the downstem.

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