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Everything You Need To Know About Ash Catchers

Bongs are made of glass to cool and filter smoke before inhaling it. They’re used for cannabis, tobacco, CBD products, etc. As a smoker, you may have noticed how dirty your piece gets after a few days of active use. In addition to that, your bong may also start giving off an unpleasant smell. Moreover, a dirty bong can lead to drag and clogging of the percolators.

While cleaning your bong regularly definitely helps, an ash catcher makes the job a lot easier.

Here’s a comprehensive guide outlining the purpose and benefits of an ash catcher.

Purpose Of An Ash Catcher

An ash catcher is a portable attachment that helps to keep the debris and ash from ending up in your pipe. Ash catchers are available in different styles and sizes and have the appearance of a miniature water pipe.

Several ash catchers are equipped with various types of percolators which helps is diffusing and filtering the smoke and prevents the need to clean your bong regularly.

After you’re done with your smoking session, you can remove and clean your ash catcher. Ash catchers are relatively easy to clean and maintain.

Benefits Of An Ash Catcher

Attaching an ash catcher to your water pipe ensures that you won’t need to clean your bong as regularly as you would have without it. This, in turn, translates to more smoking time.

For smaller bongs, smokers may not require ash catchers at all. However, if you own a large piece with several percolators, an ash catcher is an accessory that you must possess.

Ash catchers attach to the bong in exactly the same way that bowls are removed and placed inside. With an ash catcher, you will place the bowl of your water pipe inside instead of placing it in your water pipe. While smoking, this ash catcher will trap the ash which would otherwise pass into the main chamber of your water pipe. You have to be mindful of not adding much water into the ash catcher as it will fill the water pipe with dirty water. To avoid this, you can use K-clips for securing the ash catcher with the water pipe.

If you’re looking for ash catchers for bongs, you’re in the right place!

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