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Four Tips for Rolling Better Joints

Four Tips for Rolling Better Joints

Countries understand the importance of cannabis and legalization laws being put into place. According to the Cannabis Act, the production and sale of cannabis was legalized in Canada in 2019. As a Canadian, you can lawfully carry 30 grams of weed at a given time, and the legal age for it is nineteen years. In the United States, marijuana is legal in eleven states, including California, Nevada, Washington, and Illinois. If you're the age of twenty-one or older, you can carry and buy it. 

In this post, we provide you with four tips to ensure that the next time you roll a joint, it's better, stronger, and burns slower. 

Tip # 1: The Paper

The rolling paper plays a vital role in determining the shape and burn of a joint. There is a variety of papers in the market ranging from rice, sugar gum, refined, and unrefined. If you're health-conscious and all for environmental sustainability, you can go for eco paper. They don't contain contaminants and give you the full flavor of your weed. If you like to take things up a notch, there are flavored papers available in the market, but we won't advise you. The best paper is the one which doesn't leave an after taste and burns slowly and evenly. 

Tip # 2: Grinding 

Having a grinder is extremely helpful. Usually, stores sell cannabis buds. Before you roll a joint, you have to crush those buds to fit in the paper. Having a grinder will allow you to crush the buds evenly so that your joint is not uneven or lopsided – giving you the best high every time. Before putting the buds in the grinder, ensure that you remove the stems. It will give you a fine grind, and you' be able to use the grind in more joints. The grinder also saves you time while rolling as only a few twists can grind your weed to your preferred size. It also acts as a container to store and carry your weed around.

Tip # 3: Rolling

Rolling is the key. Too tight, and the air won't flow well. Too loose, and the joint will taste foul. It's crucial to find the right balance. Fold the rolling paper in half and pinch at one end. Now fill the paper with crushed weed. The pinch will prevent the weed from falling. Start to roll with your fingers tucking the weed in a cylindrical shape. Lick off the edge of the rolling paper and seal it. Lastly, take the filter and insert it at the other end of the paper to secure the joint firmly. For a tutorial head over to the video where the rapper Wiz Khalifa teaches you how to do it his way. If you still struggle to roll your joints, you can try a rolling machine. It's inexpensive and effective. 

Tip # 4: The Roach 

The roach is a tightly rolled piece of cardboard that makes it easy for you to smoke as there aren't any blockages. It also prevents the weed from getting into your mouth and provides you with a direct flow of smoke. It also saves your lips from getting burned. 

Keep practicing, and you'll be rolling like a pro in no time. 

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