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Here’s Why You Should Take Smaller Hits From Your Bong

Here’s Why You Should Take Smaller Hits From Your Bong

When you first started smoking, you probably heard some variant of these statements from peers and friends:

  • Take bigger hits!
  • Hold it in your lungs for a while

However, that’s not at all how it’s supposed to be done.

Even as you enjoy recreational cannabis, you need to avoid health risks.

Here are three reasons you should be switching out your longer hits for smaller ones.

It’s Not Ideal For Your Lungs

According to a study published by NCBI, human lungs can only hold and absorb an approximate 5–6ml of oxygen per minute. This means you can take in an equal amount of THC.

So, scientifically, holding smoke in your lungs doesn’t affect THC absorption levels or give you a better high.

Most THC Takes Only A Few Seconds To Get Absorbed

Contrary to popular belief, your lungs and body absorb most of the THC in the first few seconds of taking a hit.

This means that holding your breath to make the smoke stay in your lungs for longer doesn’t serve any purpose.

Smaller Hits Lead To A Better High

New research has proven that when using cannabis, microdosing is the way to go. This is because everyone has a threshold, and they are likely to experience a better high if they stay within this range.

In order to find this range, it’s important to experiment with different dosage levels, starting from the very lowest.

Remember To Smoke Responsibly And Take It Easy!

Getting high is fun, but it’s important to remember to be careful about usage and dosages to avoid putting your health at risk.

When you do smoke, make sure you’re minimizing risks as much as possible by using a high-quality bong and taking smaller puffs to avoid lung damage.

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