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How to Choose Between a Water  Pipe and Dry Pipe

How to Choose Between a Water Pipe and Dry Pipe

Every smoker has a unique combination of herb and pipe, which provides an exceptional smoking session. A critical part of the perfect drag is the appropriate pipe. While we encourage everyone to experiment with different pipes and explore their options, we understand that not everyone has the time to do that. Therefore, in this blog, we'll help you decide between a water pipe and a dry pipe. 

Water Pipe

Water pipes consist of a bottle or a vertical tube which is half-way filled with water. It has a smaller tube that branches off the side and ends in a bowl. Water pipes are usually made of glass, but variants in acrylic, clay, and silicone are also available. 


  • Cooler Smoke

When you smoke from a water pipe, smoke comes through the bowl before touching the water. Then the smoke cools, rises from the bubbles, and is filled up in the pipe's vertical tube. This process allows the smoke to cool down and prevent the throat burn, which many smokers get when smoking from non-water variants of pipes. Because of this, you can take longer drags and get high quicker. 

  • Modification

The best thing about water pipes is their ability to be modified. You can choose between ice-catchers, donuts, inline, or honeycomb percolators. There is also a range of attachments that you can buy to make your bong. These include different types of ash-catchers, joint-converters, down stems, etc. If you're a smoker, the sky is the limit for you regarding your preferences in water pipes. 

  • Filtration

As the water pipe cools the smoke, it also filters the herbs. The built-in percolators help in this process. They prevent you from inhaling toxins. As the smoke diffuses while going up the percolator opening, it removes even more unwanted substances. It makes water pipes an ideal choice for seasoned smokers. 


  • Cleaning

With a lot of twists and turns and different attachments in the bong, it makes the cleaning process necessary and extremely challenging. It's crucial to clean the water pipe regularly as it might prove hazardous otherwise. Reusing dirty water for an extended period can cancel out filtering effects, and it'll lead you to smoke toxins. 

  • Feasibility

Bongs are big in size, non-discreet, and always need to stay upright. It makes it difficult to use and carry around. If you accidentally drop some water, it won't smell good. Since they're made of glass, they're fragile. They're better if you're using them at home.

Dry Pipe 

They're excellent go-to products for seasoned smokers. They are made of clay, wood, ceramic, or metal. They come with a tube design with a bowl at one end and the outlet at the other. 


  • Portability

They're also called hand pipes. Dry pipes are discreet and small – an ideal option if you prefer grab-n-go. They can fit into your pocket or a bag easily. As they're made with one solid piece, there aren't any small components that you need to take care of. 

  • Simplicity

Since they're a one-piece device, they are simple and easy to use. Smokers argue that dry pipes preserve the taste of the herbs better because of the unfiltered smoke. They're also easy to clean and maintain.


  • Simplicity

Their benefit is also their drawback. Dry pipes don't have filters, so there is a possibility that you can get ash in your mouth. Dry herbs can also get caught in the pipe and obstruct the smoke. Using a mesh screen can help address this issue. 

  • Harsh Smoke

When the distance between the flame and the mouth is less, and there's no cooling system, smokers might experience harsher hits. The resulting throat irritation makes them go for water pipes, but some prefer the harsh smoke as it allows them to gauge how much they're smoking. 

Now it’s up for you to decide whether a water pipe or a dry pipe is good for you. If you’re looking to shop, head over to our website for an expansive list of high-quality products. Bong Outlet is an ultimate one-stop solution for all your smoking needs.

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