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how to clean bong

How to clean your bong to perfection

There is no doubt owning a bong is both a blessing and a nightmare, especially when you have been hitting the bong for ages and never even though about cleaning it. Of course a bong is not like a dinner plate which you have to wash every time after use, it is something much more beautiful that requires periodic maintenance.

Think about all of the good times your bong has given you and why shouldn’t you return the favor? Your bong saves you from the turmoil of rolling a joint and provides a fresh clean high; the least you can do is clean it when required.  Most stoners already have so much on their mind that they are completely oblivious to the fact that they have to occasionally clean their bongs; this is exactly why we have articulated a list of signs that indicate you need to clean your bong. These signs are as follows

  • Slimy film inside the bong
  • Resin buildup
  • The water is discolored
  • The water has started to smell
  • White mold fuzz starts appearing
  • Black specks on the pipe wall

How to clean your bong?

If your beloved bong displays any of the signs mentioned above then it is time to put on your apron and clean your bong to perfection. However cleaning your bong is no easy task as it requires a high degree of dexterity, but if you follow the steps we have carefully created your bong will sparkle. These steps are as follows,

Ingredients required

  • 70% Isopropyl
  • Rock salt
  • Q tips


  1. Give your bong one last hit and then rinse it multiple times with warm water, trying removing as much debris as you possibly can.
  2. Once the bong has dried up pour a medium amount of isopropyl and two tablespoons of salt inside your bong.
  3. Before you start shaking your bong like crazy, you will have to cover each opening. You can either cover the openings using res caps or cotton balls. Please make sure that every opening is covered properly so that the solution inside does not spill.
  4. After the alcohol solution has soaked it is finally time for you to shake your bong like crazy. Firmly grasp your bong and shake the solution inside, with each shake you will notice that your bong is getting cleaner. Please hold on to your bong with your life while shaking, if it slips then there is no solution for the pain and suffering that you will have to withstand.
  5. Finally after the solution has served its purpose, rinse the bong using warm water and make sure that none of the solution is left while you are rinsing the bong. If you still notice any resign left behind then simply use the Q tips to scrub them away.

After you follow of these steps there is no doubt that your bong must be sparkling, now all you have to do is invite your friends over and show them how clean your bong is!

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