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how to dab

How to dab?

No we are not talking about the dance move calling dabbing, we are talking about a beautiful way people consume cannabis. Dabbing is basically a new trend in which people are consuming a slightly concentrated and inhale the vaporized form to get a high that is simply out of this world. The concentrate used for dabbing has many different names; some of the most popular include shatter, budder or butane hash oil (BHO) and this concentrate can be extracted using different techniques.

If you are wondering why dabbing has become so popular well this due to the clean and pure high that this concentrated dose of cannabis provides. It provides the lucky smoker with an instant high that is not only very long lasting but also is very powerful. The underlining reason why the high is so amazing is the potency levels of the concentrate being used; most concentrates provide a 90% THC per dab! Even though it might look like dabbing is ruining the natural beauty of cannabis this is not true as dabbing is rather accentuating the beauty of marijuana.

Many people have the common misconception that dabbing is utilizes chemicals which increases the high but this is the furthest thing from the truth as dabbing does not involve the consumption of any type of chemicals. Solvents are used to extract a concentrated dose of essential oils that are present in the marijuana and then these oils are consumed, the solvents dissolves after the extraction process. So basically dabbing allows people to smoke a concentrated dose of marijuana that does not require any chemicals or harmful substances.

Techniques of extracting cannabis concentrate for dabbing

There are currently two effective ways of extracting cannabis but both can only be performed with a level of expertise. The first technique includes blasting the plant with butane which causes the plant to excrete essential oils; these oils are collected once the butane has completely evaporated. The second technique involves blasting the plant with carbon dioxide, which also causes the plant to excrete essential oils that are used for dabbing.

What do you need to dab?

Contrary to popular belief you should not dab in your bong as the cannabis resign will contaminate the high, you will require additional materials. Some of the materials you will need are mentioned below,

  • A dab rig (different from a standard bong)
  • Cannabis concentrated wax
  • A titanium quartz nail
  • Dabber
  • Something to heat the nail with ( a standard lighter will not suffice)

Steps to dab to perfection

Follow the steps to dab for the very first time in your life,

  1. Set up your rig
  2. Season the nail
  3. Grab some of the wax using your dabber ( as a first timer we would recommend taking a small dose)
  4. Heat the nail using a mini blow torch and let it cool down for 10-15 seconds
  5. Now place your dab on top of the nail and start inhaling

Once the wax has completely melted you can exhale the smoke

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