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How to roll a joint

There is no doubt that rolling a perfect joint is the best way of enjoying the flavor of your bud. However, this is an art and it requires a high degree of experience and skill. Contrary to popular belief everyone can learn how to roll a joint, all they have to do is understand the little intricate details that are required to roll a joint fit for kings.

This is why we have listed the different steps required and the equipment you will need to roll a joint to perfection.


  • Medical Marijuana
  • Rolling paper
  • Grinder
  • A pencil or similar shaped object to pack the joint

Step 1 Grind the medical marijuana

After you have gathered all the required equipment the next step is to prep your grinder. How you crush your marijuana plays an integral role in the quality of your high so please make sure your weed is grinded properly. We would recommend breaking the buds into little pieces and then using the grinder to further crush the weed.  If you do not have a grinder, simply use a scissor but please do not try breaking the weed down using your hands.

Step 2 Create a filter

After you have crushed the weed, you will now have to find a filter for your joint. You can tear a filter from a cigarette or you could also make a crutch. A crutch or more commonly known as a roach is quite simple, all you have to do is take a piece of thin card board.  Start by making accordion folds and roll the cardboard to your desired width. Remember rolling small crutches is more difficult than large ones!

Step 3 Fill the joint 

Now we move on to the difficult part as you will now have to start filling the joint. Take out your rolling paper and settle it down on an even surface, then slowly add the grinded weed to the paper. Leave some room for the filter and do not overload the paper with the weed. The paper you are using also affects your high. We would recommend using hemp paper as it burns slowly and does not contaminate the flavor.

Step 4 Start rolling the joint

Alright now comes the most difficult part but remember if a stoner can do it, so can you. Simply pick up the rolling paper from each corner and place the filter or crutch at the end. The sticky side of the paper should be on top and the unglued side should be below, once you have a solid grip you can now start rolling. Start by tucking the unglued side into the roll and once you have completed a single roll you will then have to apply a little moisture to the sticky side of the paper. Make sure you seal the joint from top to bottom as dealing with a joint that opens up after it has been sparked can be heart breaking.

Finally once you have followed all of the steps mentioned above you should have a beautiful joint in your hands but you are not done yet. Use the pencil or pen to tuck the weed from the top and close the tip with a twist. Voila you have finally learnt how to roll a joint!

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