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Is Your Plastic Bottle Bong Bad For You?

Is Your Plastic Bottle Bong Bad For You?

We’ve all found ourselves in sticky situations where we’ve had to invent our own bong using materials we’ve found lying around the house. It’s surprising the level of innovation you can have when you really want to smoke up. Some even go as far as to consider making your own bong a rite of passage for people who’ve just started using them.  

DIY-ing your own bong might seem like the only solution at the time but it might be time to stop and consider if the bong you make in your plastic bottle is actually….safe.

Let’s think this through for a minute.

The most commonly used items to make this contraption are going to be a plastic water bottle, foil, plastic tube, and duct tape.

You’re eventually going to burn the cannabis, which will also react with all the plastic material you use as well as the adhesive in the duct tape.

How you consume your quality cannabis is extremely important because while smoking up is completely safe, burning plastic has been a big NO for as long as we can remember.

Let’s take a deeper look at some facts.

In this day and age, there seems to be little that one can do to evade the advent of plastic. It’s everywhere; in our packaging and most food products which means it enters our bodies in more ways than one.

Health risks

For one, there are several health risks associated to consumption of plastic. The chemical additives in most plastic products especially plastic water bottles are detrimental to our health and even the environment. Some of the negative effects include:

  1. Increased levels of toxicity in your body due to direct contact with harmful chemicals such as cadmium, mercury and lead.
  2. Exposure to carcinogens is a major risk which can increase the chances of causing cancers.
  3. Major disruption of the endocrine system leads to cancer, suppression of the immune system making you susceptible to several other illnesses.
  4. It can also cause developmental problems and birth defects.

What is the safer alternative?

The best thing for you is to avoid plastic altogether if you care about your health and about making your smoking up session as lit as possible. The best thing for you is to chill out and pick up our glass bongs to give both your health and herb the right treatment!

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