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keeping bong time interesting

Keeping Bong Time With The Group Interesting

Sitting with your friends and smoking up is an old human tradition. We have been doing it for thousands of years now. Back then it used to be just lighting the plant on fire in the middle of the gathering (oh how we wish it was still cheap enough to do this) or with a primitive pipe. Now it is a bong being shared between a group of friends. However once your hangouts become a regular thing they run into the danger of being boring. No one wants to sit with a bunch of boring stoners who don’t do anything. We know how to keep things spicy so follow the advice and you will be having a lot of interesting times.

1) Change Locations
There’s a big problem with always smoking up in the same place. It always happens organically. One friend has the best bong collection or has the most convenient place to smoke. People start hanging out at that friend’s house and then just keep coming back every day. It gets very boring to smoke up in the same place each and every day. Grab that bong and go some place new. You’ll be surprised how much the location changes the vibe of the whole hangout and keeps things interesting.

2) Do Other Stuff With The Group
Another problem which happens in such groups is that the group becomes the ‘smoke up group’ and other friend groups are kept separate. You go out and have fun with a different set of friends and smoke up with a different set of friends. If all your group does is get together and smoke up then things are guaranteed to get boring. Try to keep doing other stuff as a group as well. Do stuff that is compatible with using a bong. Go watch trippy 3d movies, camp out in the wild, or go on trips. As long as your group keeps doing stuff together things will never get boring.

3) Bring In Guests
Over time the members of the group will become permanent. It gets boring to have a conversation between the same people for years. Bring along other friends who like to smoke. Encourage others to bring guests around (they should ask first, obviously) and you will keep meeting new people and things will stay interesting. Just make sure that the guests you bring in are cool people in general with interesting stuff to say.

4) Music Helps
This one is a no-brainer. Nothing helps a stoner party get the right vibes more than the right music. Put on some chill music and things will definitely not feel boring at all. Music actually helps you enjoy the quiet times better. We all know that, during a session that lasts hours, sometimes you just get lost in your own thoughts. Sometimes the whole group just has nothing to say. In those moments it’s great to just close your eyes and enjoy the music.

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