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cleaning bong

Keeping Your Bong Clean

Bongs are fun to use but it is important to keep then clean and functioning properly. People who are new to bongs don’t realize how bad a dirty one can be. The taste of the smoke is absolutely disgusting if the bong hasn’t been maintained properly. Don’t worry, you don’t really need to do a lot, you just have to make sure you take care of a few basic things. The best part about smoking from a bong is that it results in a much better smoking experience; if you keep the bong dirty, then bongs basically end up becoming pointless. Every hit will taste horrible to the point that you won’t want to smoke any more.

Get cleaning supplies

You can try cleaning the bong with items already in your house but we wouldn’t recommend it. It might seem like too much work to have to get supplies but you pretty much only have to do it once. The supplies you will need are super cheap and easily available. Get some cleaning solutions that are right for the type of bong you have (so if you have a glass bong then get a solution made to clean glassware) and you will also need some cleaning materials. Pipe cleaners are a must as well to properly clean up your bong.

Don’t wait too much

Cleaning your bong is like doing the dishes; the more you wait the harder it will be to do. The gunk inside can get very nasty if you leave it in the bong for a long time. On the other hand if you regularly keep cleaning the bong then cleaning it will be very easy. The number of times you should clean it depends on how much you smoke but the moment the taste starts seeming bad it is due for a cleaning. A simple rinse with the solution is good enough to clean the bong if you do it regularly and should only take you a minute. If you wait a long time you will have to clean it multiple times and might even have to get extra strength cleaning solutions.

Clean every area

It is very easy to clean a bong. Simple pour the cleaning solution into the main area, put in some water, and shake it vigorously. Rinse it out and see if you need to repeat the process. Some parts of the bong might be hard to reach and that is why you need pipe cleaners. A little bit of ingenuity helps as well; if an area is hard to reach due to its location, simply used a hard wire or anything you can bend to reach it properly. The whole process should take you 15-20 minutes at most and the results will be surprising. You will get the great taste of the bong back and it will look clean as well. No one likes smoking from a nasty bong; if you have people who come over and smoke with you then this it is necessary to keep it clean and proper.

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