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Methods Of Grinding Weed — Why Use A Grinder?

Methods Of Grinding Weed — Why Use A Grinder?

The best hits are those from finely crushed bits of weed. It doesn’t matter whether you’re smoking through a bong, in a joint or through a pipe—large pieces of weed will make for a very rough hit and it might not even be that potent. People often just crush the weed with their hands or some other method, there’s no substitute for a weed grinder.

Weed grinders can crush your weed effectively enough to leave only the finest particles are left behind. Once you start using grinders, you can probably fill your bowl up with more weed and it’ll burn really well to create a much smoother smoking experience.

What is a Weed Grinder?

You can find weed grinders on any paraphernalia shop or order them online form bong outlet. A weed grinder is a specialized piece of machinery designed to crush and grind your weed so that it burns better. Weed grinders are built with a separate compartment to place your stash in and teeth which can break down the large, uneven pieces of weed into even, finely ground pieces.  

There are multiple types of grinders in the market. You’ll find automatic grinders, two-part ad four-part grinders as well as grinder cards. The choice is up to you and you can decide what grinders to use based on your budget or preference.

Why Do You Need a Grinder?

 Weed buds are pretty large and aren’t exactly suitable for smoking directly without crushing them. You could use your hands to grind weed, but you’ll probably leave behind some large particles which won’t burn as well as the smaller particles. Ultimately, uncrushed weed can ruin your smoking experience.

Finely ground-up pieces of weed are easier to roll into a joint without tearing up your rolling paper. Additionally, smaller pieces of weed catch fire faster, rather than the flame having to burn through the larger pieces to reach finer particles at the bottom. There’s a huge difference between smoking larger buds and smaller buds because the larger buds don’t burn as fast and the smoke is much harsher on the throat.  

Once you crush your weed in a grinder, the evenly cut pieces are better for smoking because these burn better. Think of it like this, setting fire to sawdust is much easier than setting fire to a log of wood; even though each is made with the same material. Smaller particles of weed will trap air in the middle to allow for an even burn and smaller foreign particles in the smoke. The smoke generated from crushed weed is cleaner, it’s much more potent and it’s easier to smoke.

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