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perfect music bong

Music that goes perfectly with bongs

Music and smoking up go together like peanut butter and jelly. They complement each other perfectly. We have records of people listening to music and smoking up from hundreds of years ago and it is easy to see why. Music sounds amazing when you smoke up – you feel it in a way you never do sober. If you are looking for the best artists to listen to when you smoke up we have some fantastic suggestions for you.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is cliché high music but it became a cliché for a simple reason; it is really, really good. The vibe that their songs create is amazing and you will really be going places listening to Pink Floyd and smoking. Do note that many of their songs are very depressing. Sometimes we like to smoke up and get a bit depressed to think about the serious stuff in life but we won’t recommend making it a regular thing. Start with Wish You Were Here, Coming Back to Life, and Comfortably Numb and you will soon see why Pink Floyd is amazing.


If you are in the mood for something funky then you better not forget about Dre. People don’t give Dre the respect he deserves – he has released two of the funkiest rap albums to listen to ever. Put on Chronic or Chronic 2001 and sit down as Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg take you on a funky journey. The songs sound amazing and the music goes very well with parties as well. If you are smoking up with friends then through some Dr Dre music on and everyone will have a good time.

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is going to be remembered forever. He had only two official albums (and a mixtape or two) but he has solidified his place in music history. This isn’t music to listen to with your friends though. Frank Ocean makes R&B that is emotional and has a very soft vibe. These are great to listen to alone but if you are sitting with your girlfriend or boyfriend these are amazing. You’ll feel sweet, close, and intimate as Frank Ocean’s smooth voice sings over synth filled beats.


Weeknd is also an R&B artist like Frank Ocean but the vibe of his music is very different. Instead of sweet and smooth Weeknd goes for twisted and smooth. If you don’t listen to the lyrics you will think the songs are sweet to listen to and party to. When you focus on the lyrics you will find dark imagery, twisted sexual acts, drug abuse, and much more. Weeknd is fantastic at creating soundscapes you can get lost into. You can listen to his pop songs on Beauty Behind the Madness or you can listen to his classic dark songs on House of Balloons.

Led Zeppelin

If you are with friends and want to feel awesome then Led Zeppelin is always a good choice. You will feel charged due to the high amount of energy in their music. Putting on Led Zeppelin also guarantees that people in the gathering will feel active and will not doze off.

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