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Oil Pens: A Beginner’s Guide

Oil Pens: A Beginner’s Guide

For anyone who’s done with the hassle associated with a vape or with bongs, oil pens are a great substitute. These might be a little pricey, but they’re a long term investment that proves its worth . Many people are of the opinion that these pens create for a much more flavorful smoking experience and remove much of the inconvenience in cleaning the equipment.

The Oil Pen Mechanisms

Oil pens are different from wax pens, in the sense that these don’t use coils at all. With the absence of the coil, you don’t feel that the oil is burned and in some senses it can also create a smoother hit. An oil pen uses fiber glass and plastic wicks that absorb the oil and heat it. Some of these may use ceramic wicks that don’t absorb the oil, but just heat it much in the way that a dab nail would.  

Oil Cartridges

Although there are disposable oil pens, we’re talking of refillable oil pens because these can last you for long periods of time and aren’t as environmentally damaging.  A refillable oil pen works with oil cartridges. These cartridges are made of either glass of plastic and even though plastic cartridges are cheaper, they tend to change the vape flavors when heated enough.

Glass cartridges on the other hand don’t change the flavor when they’re heated and are also generally easier to clean than plastic ones.

Operating Temperatures

Using oil pens is generally a little more complicated because there are some very specific temperature requirements for the optimal smoking experience.  An oil pen cartridge works at lower temperatures compared to a wax pen.   

Since vaping oils are much more easily vaporized, you can burn the oil out completely and compromise on the flavor of your vape oils.

Battery Operations

There are many battery options that you can use for your oil pens. Some of these offer a consistent voltage levels while others can allow you to change the voltage running through your oil pen.  Having a controllable and variable battery running through your pen helps you decide which voltage setting are conducive to creating the best vaping experience and usually last longer, even if they are on the pricey end.

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