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Smoking Weed: What Accessories Do You Need?

Smoking Weed: What Accessories Do You Need?

Smoking weed is more complicated than you think. Unlike cigarettes, you don’t get it rolled up for you to simply light up and enjoy! You have to work and earn the “high” that you’re looking for. Just like most things, you can’t be perfect at it from day one. Now we’re not suggesting that you befriend a group of hippies to learn the basics of weed.

While you could do that, we would like to save you that trip and tell you about the 10 accessories that you will need to enjoy your weed.

  1. Grinders

Grinders are an absolute necessity. As the name suggests, a grinder is used to break down the weed buds into a powder-like form, which is easier to roll. It ensures a constant bulge-free hit and makes the joint aesthetically pleasing to look at as well.

  1. Rolling Papers

Once you’re done grinding your buds, you will need something to roll it in. That is where rolling paper comes in. Rolling papers are generally made out of organic materials like flax, rice straw, hemp, etc. to ensure nothing artificial messes up your hit. Finding the type that suits you requires exploration, so keep on trying new rolling papers till you find the one you like.

  1. Blunts 

Blunts can take your smoking game to a whole new level. They are rolling papers made out of tobacco which burn at a much slower pace compared to regular rolling papers. When rolled, they are thicker than usual joints and deliver a much stronger hit.

  1. Rolling Machine 

If you are an amateur and keep messing up when it comes to rolling joints, this machine is your savior! It ensures that you get a tightly rolled joint every single time. It’s simple to use and super effective!

  1. Lighters

It’s a shame to be mentioning something so obvious, but we believe we should! Imagine spending time grinding and rolling up a perfect joint just to find out that you don’t have a lighter! Yes, that would be a bummer! So invest in a couple of lighters, as you know they go missing real quick.

  1. Ashtrays

Ashtrays are essential if you’re smoking indoors. You can’t just go around the house flicking ash here and there. Nobody likes that. Plus, there are some awesome ashtrays at Bong Outlet so why not add one to your living room?

  1. Bongs

If you want to get the absolute best out of your weed, then buy a bong! Bongs provide water-cooled smooth smoke that is easy on the lungs and provides a much soothing and enjoyable smoking experience. They make you stand out and show others that you take your smoking sessions seriously.

  1. Glass hand pipes

If you’re looking for a solution to discreetly smoke weed anywhere? Look no further. A glass hand pipe is the weed-fix that you can take anywhere. Hand pipes aren’t just limited to glass, as some are made out of wood, metal and also silicone. They are light, compact and super portable, which make them a go-to for most on-the-go smokers.

  1. Personal Air Filter

If you smoke secretly and don’t want the scent to linger around the house, we have just the solution for you! Personal air filters have been a lifesaver for most discreet smokers. So if you are one too, we suggest you buy it as well.

  1. Eye Drops

Another unsung hero for discreet smokers squad is the eye drops. You don’t want to show up at work with red eyes that are screaming “Stoner!” now do you? So keeping eye drops would be a good idea.

The list stated above may seem cumbersome but what if I told you that you can get most of the items mentioned, all in one place? Well that’s the case with Bong Outlet. We’re an online bong shop and we offer a wide variety of bongs, rolling papers, hand pipes, vaporizers and many other smoking accessories with free delivery in the US and Canada for orders above $99. You can also get a quote for the shipping fare to your country by reaching out to us.

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