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The 4 best things to eat and drink when smoking up

Food and smoking up are natural partners. We all know the phenomena of ‘munchies’. But what if we told you that there is stuff you can eat and drink that isn’t just delicious, but can improve the high as well? Let’s look at four things you can consume for a much better smoking session.


Mangoes are delicious. If you don’t like mangoes, you are probably eating the wrong type of mangoes. If they are huge and red in color then they will not taste that good. Some of the best mangoes in the world come from Philippines, India, and Pakistan. You’ll find these mangoes in any city where there are a lot of immigrants. These mangoes are smaller and are a bright yellow or orange color.

Why are they great for when you are high? That is the best part – the terpenes in the mangoes (mangoes are the only fruit with such terpenes) bind with the terpenes in the marijuana. This results in the THC getting into your bloodstream and staying there longer, which results in you getting high quickly and staying high for a long time.


Coffee may sound like the opposite of smoking up – you drink coffee when you want to stay awake and alert, which is the opposite of how you feel when you smoke up. However, try drinking strong coffee when you smoke up, and you’ll quickly realize how potent the combination can be. Your brain will be more active, but the high will be there at the same time, allowing you to be more alert and more under the influence at the same time. It is trippy but great.


Man, it seems all the people who tried to get us to eat broccoli when we were young were on to something. Broccoli will not make you feel higher. However, there are many people who feel a bit of inflammation or depression when they smoke up. Broccoli, like mangoes, also has terpenes that bind with marijuana terpenes, but instead of getting you higher they have been shown to lower the depression and inflammation.


Anyone who has done beer and smoking up together knows how great the effect can be. However, it isn’t all in your head. A study found that people who consumed beer when smoking up had much higher levels of THC than the people who only smoked up, which is surprising because beer contains no THC whatsoever. Once again, the main reason seems to be terpenes, which are found in hops in the beer. You don’t need to focus on the alcohol content – get a craft beer with a high hop count and the effects of what you smoke will be very pronounced.

So there you have it, the next time you are having a session, roast some coffee, drink some beer, and have some mangoes. Honestly, we would be down for such a session even if these things didn’t enhance the high.

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