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best times smoking bong

The 5 best times for a bong

Most smokers who use bongs also make sure they have other possible ways to smoke. This is because bongs aren’t always the most convenient way to smoke up. Rolling papers are much easier to carry if you are going out somewhere. Having said that, there are many times when nothing can meet the experience of a bong.

1. In a cold air conditioned room

The best part (And biggest advantage of bongs over other smoking styles) is that the smoke is very pure and much colder. This means that the smoking experience goes down very smoothly. If you are sitting in an air conditioned room or if it is winters then the smoking experience will be even smoother. Bong, when smoked right, are the easiest on your lungs due to the low temperature of the smoke and lowered temperatures of the surroundings only enhance the effect.

2. In an open environment

Many people use rolling papers in open environments such as natural parks. The biggest problem is littering; people often throw the ends on the ground which is really bad for the natural environment. In comparison bongs are very eco friendly and will ensure that the beauty of your surroundings isn’t ruined by any waste. You should always ensure that your smoke spot stays clean and that you clean up any mess that you have created.

3. When there are a lot of people around

The problem with rolling a smoke with too many people around is that the rolled smoke gets ruined easily. Too many people pressing it and new users getting spit on it results in it becoming disgusting. You won’t find the same issue with bongs. Another great thing is that bongs are very intense so they get passed around quicker.

4. Having deep conversations

If you are having discussions about life or any conversation that is deep then bongs are a great aide. You don’t have to stop again and again to roll up a smoke and the smoking experience is very calm as well. There are many people who only smoke bongs because they don’t like the hot smoke that comes from a rolled paper smoke. You will spend hours talking about old memories and new theories without rolling up being an obstacle to conversation.

5. When you have a lot of free time

It is a fantastic feeling to get up on a Sunday and realizing that you don’t have to do anything. It is one to take off days and just do nothing on them. If you want to spend the day lazily then a bong will be your perfect companion. The effects of a bong are very intense; it is not a casual smoking experience, it is a proper smoking experience. So if you have a lot of free time then grab a bong and take some rips. Put on some good music or a movie you love and have a great time by yourself.

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