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The 5 types of people you meet smoking up

We love smoking up. We also love the weird bunch of characters you run into when you become a regular bong user. You will always have your core group of friends but you’ll notice that you will meet more ‘unique’ people in gatherings where people are smoking. Here are some of the people we keep running into

The Dude who smokes 24/7

We don’t know whether to be in awe of this guy or to pity him. You will definitely run into people who are using a bong pretty much the whole day every single day. We have so many questions; how do they get the money for all the stuff they smoke? How do they even manage to get anything done? Is their tolerance so bad that this is all they can do now? We personally wouldn’t like to be someone who is smoking up all the time but this person is always good to know. Someone you can hit up whenever you’re out. This person will also almost always be very cool with sharing their stuff.

The person who claims to be a huge stoner but gets knocked out with a few puffs

What came first, smoking up or the person who embarrasses themselves like this? We may never know. Every big party will have one of these people. They will spend thirty minutes going on about how they can out smoke anyone, how they are the gods of the bong. Then they take a few puffs and end up sleeping through the whole party.

The guy who never brings anything

This is the person who is always willing to hit you up and use your bong but will almost never have anything on them. We know people who have been smoking for years without ever buying any themselves. They come in two varieties; people who are jerks and just trying to be cheap, and just these innocent people who are kind of scared to hit up with a dealer. Stop hanging out with the first one, if the second type is your friend then let them get the munchies.

The guy who gets paranoid

This may be our least favorite person at smoke-up gatherings. The person will start getting paranoid or will start getting very depressed whenever they smoke up. They will start giving out a very negative vibe to the event and we have seen sessions get completely destroyed by such a person. No one can control how they react to smoking up but if you are having a negative experience every time, why not just quit?

The person who recently started doing hard drugs

This is the saddest thing you will see. There are many people who will start doing harmful drugs. We cannot empathize this enough – stay away from the stuff that can destroy your life. We love smoking up because smoking up is pretty much harmless. There are thousands of studies which say it is perfectly fine in moderation. Just make that your limit, don’t do anything you get addicted on.

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