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The Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Grinder

The Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Grinder

Bongs may be the best way to smoke up but they are also one of the most inconvenient ways to smoke if you are travelling. It is very easy to transport rolling papers, a pipe, or a vaporizer. On the other hand bongs can be a pain when travelling. The problem is that most glass bongs are very fragile. It is very easy to break one while it is being transported. They are also quite large in size plus no one wants to carry a bong in their car even though it is perfectly legal.

Well, if you need to travel and don’t want to leave your favorite bong behind then read on to see how to transport bongs the safe way. We would like to strongly advice against using the bongs while travelling in any sort of vehicle; this guide is just to help you get your bong to the new place you are moving to or to go to a smoke spot.

Step 1: Disassemble

This is the key point. Bongs have many different parts and combined they are a large item. Once you separate them it becomes much easier to keep them safe and to keep them in storage as well. Bongs usually break because bumps during travelling end up causing them to touch the walls of the container which shatters the glass. In order to make sure that this doesn’t happen you will need to separate the bong into all its parts so you can keep them safe. Disassembling isn’t hard at all. Bongs need to be disassembled to be cleaned which means that even the cheap bongs you can get from online headshops can be disassembled easily.

Step 2: Get some cotton or clothes

Once your bong is disassembled you need to store all the parts properly. If you have packing peanuts then you are all set. Even if you do not have packing peanuts you can simply use some cotton or even your clothes. Simply wrap some clothes around the most delicate parts of the bong and make sure there are enough clothes or cotton around the bong parts to serve as a proper cushioning material. The cushioning material will end up helping you out when your storage container or bag is mishandled. Give the packaging a bit of a shake when you are done. If you can feel the impact made by the bong hitting the wall then you need more padding.

Step 3: Conceal, but do not hide

No one wants to get pulled over while they have a bong in the car. Thus you need to be smart about the way you pack your bang. Make sure that it is between your clothes. Never keep an assembled bong in your car unless you want the police to get suspicious unnecessarily. Don’t try to hide the bong too deep wither as that will rouse suspicion as well. It is perfectly legal to own a bong and there is no reason you should be afraid but it helps to be safe anyway.

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