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beginner guide choosing right grinders

The Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Grinder

Without herb grinders, the marijuana smoker’s life would have been quite difficult. In fact, before the time of grinders, these poor potheads had to crush weed with their bare hands.

A weed or herb grinder is a small device that can help crush marijuana leaves into small grains. These tiny grains can then be easily fitted into the bong or pipe the smoker is using.

Why Have Weed Grinder


Here are some other advantages of the herb grinder:

  • It maintains the rigor of marijuana.
  • It leads to a better smoking experience.
  • It ensures that not much of weed is wasted.
  • It removes the stem.

How Herb Grinders Work

If you are new to the marijuana scene, you might not know how the grinder works. This is how you go about it:

Generally, a grinder has an upper and a lower chamber. The upper chamber is the one that has teeth that are used to grind the leaves. You place weed on the grate and smash the two pieces against each other. This will crush weed and the grinded particles will fall through the grate, collecting at the bottom.    

What to Look for When Buying an Herb Grinder


When buying an herb grinder, you need to ensure you choose the one with features that match your requirements. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:


Surely, you need a high-performance grinder as it can have a significant impact on your vaping or smoking experience.

Read online reviews and make sure that you are buying from a reputable brand.

There are quite a few online sellers as well. You need to check their credibility as well.  

Number of Levels

Herb grinders come with different levels. Depending on your preference you might go for a grinder with two levels or one with five levels.

Some grinders also offer customization features that can allow you to remove levels when you do not need them.  

Material Used

You want to ensure that your herb grinder has been designed with the finest quality of material, so that it does not break and last longer. Generally, grinders made from titanium or strong aluminum can be smart choices.

Number of Chambers

The greater the number of compartments your grinder has, the better it will be for collecting fine kief.

If you care about fine kief, you should surely opt for a grinder with multiple chambers.

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