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how to choose smoking rolling papers

The best guide to choose right smoking rolling papers

‘An artist is only as good as his tools’. This also applies to the intricate art of rolling joints. People often neglect the significance of choosing the right rolling papers for marijuana and this should be considered as blasphemy. Those beautiful buds that you have worked so hard to procure deserve the very best and smoking them in substandard paper is simply wrong. Not only do these papers have the capacity of ruining a beautiful high but these papers can also seriously harm your health.

The primary factor you should take into consideration when choosing the right rolling paper is the presence of different chemicals in the paper. These chemicals actually have the capacity of causing cancer and a variety of different deadly diseases. This is exactly why you should make sure that you never choose paper that uses ingredients such as chlorine and calcium carbonate. You will be surprised how many popular brands use these chemicals in their rolling papers, rest assured we have you covered.

Rolling paper are extremely diverse in shapes and sizes, in order to choose the right rolling paper you will have to take into account a variety of different factors such as the size of your smoke circle. You will also have to consider your personal dosage preferences and the price you are willing to pay for the smoking paper.

Given below are the different generic sizes currently available in the market.

1.     Single wide

The is the most common size of rolling paper is the single wide and it is available almost everywhere. These papers measure 68mm in length and 36mm in width and their slim stature makes them perfect for a solo smoke after a hard day’s work. These single wide rolling papers also have different categories including 1 ¼ and 1 ½. This increase in the width of the paper allows more quantity and can also be rolled in a cone shape.   

2.     Double wide

Double wide papers are the least popular rolling paper in the market today. These papers measure 78mm in length and 88mm in width. This makes it really difficult to roll beautiful pencil shaped joints. We would not recommend using this size as you are smoking more paper then necessary, smoke more buds not paper!

3.     King Size

These are the largest size available in the market today and rolling these bad boys can prove to be quite intimidating. These papers measure 100mm in length and 60 mm in width and also have a different variety called king slims.

4.     Spool

The largest of them all is the spool size rolling papers that are not readily available in the market. But these papers are quite flexible in nature, which makes them perfect for new stoners. You can easily roll a spectacular pencil shape joint or a rocket joint using these papers.

So in order to make sure you find the right rolling paper please make sure they do not have the aforementioned chemicals and choose the size that best meets your specifications!

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